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Kerry Farrell, Snyk14:10:32

🔈 Join our session today at 2:20-2:50 CT How Twilio Scaled through Dev-First Security and DevSecOps Featuring Simon Maple, Field CTO, Snyk and Ash Kosaraju, Head of Product Security, Twilio. You’ll learn about everything from their security champions program; developer threat modeling training; to their dev-friendly security tooling choices. Join us to learn from the pros!

Kerry Farrell, Snyk15:10:45

Check out, explore our offers and content Pre-register for our Live Hacking Session tomorrow, October 6 3:00-4:00 CT

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Kerry Farrell, Snyk20:10:40

Make sure to enter our raffle to win a Nintendo Switch!

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Kerry Farrell, Snyk21:10:09

As day one at DOES starts to wrap up and you are planning your schedule for tomorrow: 🔥 Please join Snyk for a LIVE HACKING SESSION 🔥  🔈 Hack my Application with Eric Smalling, Senior Developer Advocate, Snyk         Wednesday October 6 3:00pm-4:00pm CT!  Hope to see you there!