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Danielle Horton - CodeLogic12:10:30

👋 Welcome to the CodeLogic Slack channel! We’re thrilled you’re joining us at DevOps Enterprise Summit!   💡 Check out our resources in and connect with our product experts here and in Gather – we’ll be on hand throughout the conference to answer any questions!  🎬 See CodeLogic in action! Watch an on-demand demo here:

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Heath Warnock CodeLogic16:10:21

Good morning. I'll be on for the next 30 minutes.

Heath Warnock CodeLogic16:10:52

I like the DevOps term "culture of collaboration"

Danielle Horton - CodeLogic18:10:48

Want to get fast accurate answers to questions like...  👉 What’s in my application?   👉 What will get impacted if I make a change?   👉 What’s changed since my last build?   Get answers in our eBook: 5 Answers for the Developer, available in!

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Heath Warnock CodeLogic22:10:13

Hows the DevOps summit going?

Cary Seiberling - CodeLogic22:10:34

Good afternoon Heath. So far so good.