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Danielle Horton - CodeLogic15:10:12

👋 Welcome to DOES Day 1! CodeLogic is proud to sponsor this year's event!    See our on-demand application dependency mapping solution in action -- Join one of our live demos today! Our first demo starts at 9am PST / 12pm EST - For more times go to: #xpo-codelogic-code-mapping and stop by

Mimi Werdegar15:10:39

Welcome! StackHawk is excited to be sponsoring DOES. We make automating application and API security testing in CI/CD easy by helping teams find vulnerabilities before they’re pushed into prod. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our or reach out to Kaakaww! 🦅

Kerry Farrell, Snyk16:10:26

📣 Hi everyone! Snyk is excited for the first day of DOES!! Snyk is the platform developers choose to build cloud native applications securely in a DevOps environment. Request a demo today by visiting 🎉

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Danielle Horton - CodeLogic17:10:56

👋 Hi Everyone! 📣 Our next demo will start at 1:30pm EST! Join us and learn how CodeLogic’s self-updating dependency mapping solution can improve your software development:

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)17:10:08

A reminder that Tasktop is hosting a LIVE DEMO in just 10 minutes! Join and get a free t-shirt, designed exclusively for DOES attendees!

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)17:10:49

Happening now: LIVE DEMO! Want to learn more about how to go beyond DevOps with Value Stream Management? Join now:

Braxton (LogDNA)18:10:24

Hey everyone!  👋 LogDNA has our Ask Me Anything session with Solution Engineer’s @scott.gallagher and @ritah.nabaggala today at 1:50pm PST! - Not to mention you’ll get a free shirt 👕 Check out our and join the to pick our brains 🙌 🧠

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Daanish Izhar18:10:59

📣Win Beats Solo3 Headphones (wireless) by filling out this form >>> 📣 Calling all reliability folks - If automated incident management, toil free retros, SLOs/Error Budgets or Runbooks are top of mind for you. Check out Blameless, we’d love to chat SRE ! We’re shipping free T shirts to anyone who signs up for a

Danielle Horton - CodeLogic19:10:37

 See CodeLogic's on-demand application dependency mapping solution in action -- Join our next live demo at 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST - 💡For more demo times go to: #xpo-codelogic-code-mapping and stop by!

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