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Anupriya Rath15:10:53

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome to Everbridge Booth!

Anupriya Rath15:10:43

Welcome to the Everbridge Slack channel for DOES! We’re looking forward to connecting with everyone. 🎯 Join our Exclusive Session: Will Your Shopping Cart Stay Upright in the Upcoming Holiday Season on Thursday, Oct. 7 at 1:50 pm CDT (2:50 PM EST). Our Vice President of CEM Business Solutions, Prashant Darisi will share insights on how promptly manage any IT disruptions which might arise during the busy shopping season. Want a live demo? Ping us on Slack at #xpo-everbridge and we can meet on video or schedule a time for after the event.

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Anupriya Rath16:10:21

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