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Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:15

Welcome to Lean Coffee – coming up in 5 minutes Lean Coffees provide an opportunity for attendees to participate in in-depth discussions with others on relevant topics. They work because participants are in charge of the agenda and everyone's voice is heard. People are engaged because they get to talk about topics that matter to them. The topics are listed below, along with today’s facilitator and Zoom link – please join in! DAY 1 OKRs  |  Robin Yeman Metrics Pitfalls  |  Marco Coulter Agile Conversations  |  Cheryl Crupi Building Internal Capability Not Consultant Dependency  | BMK Ways of Working  |  Dave Karow


Folks - We combined (BMK's topic with OKR) - so please joining OKRs link please

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Here is our OKR & Building capability


and engaged group in conversation.

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Dave Anderson21:10:30

Awesome stuff, folks.