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Traci Myers16:10:14

Over the moon to be at DevOps Enterprise Summit, and this time we're joined by our friends at Rundeck. Check out our booth, enter the raffle and be sure to RSVP for tonights Casino Happy Hour!

Traci Myers17:10:01

Get the latest stickers from Rundeck

Traci Myers17:10:34

What is Runbook Automation? Easily translate expert #ops knowledge into automated procedures that anyone in your organization can execute on-demand.  Check out our 2 minute overview.

Traci Myers18:10:44

Keep the Vegas vibe going! At the end of today's sessions, head towards our Casino Night Happy Hour for some Blackjack, Roulette and some special prizes to sweeten the pot. Today at 5:25pm CT. Sign up here:

Traci Myers19:10:32

Schedule a demo of runbook automation. Learn how you can enable anyone to safely execute self-service operations tasks that previously only subject matter experts could perform.

Traci Myers21:10:35

Get the latest stickers from Rundeck

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Keara Vu (IT Revolution)22:10:25

I am into the cat theme...

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Brian Mounteer23:10:26

Thank you #xpo-pagerduty for a very enjoyable Happy Hour! It was appreciated.

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