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Mark Peters13:10:32

Question - when you get back in today, Do you have a submission process for the journal? I'd love to be able to have a focus for a longer-style blog. Following, do you have an author book submission process? I'm finishing up a PhD next year and would like to be able to convert some of those thoughts...

Leah Brown - IT Revolution13:10:06

Good morning! If you'd like to submit to the DevOps Enterprise Journal, you can send your proposed paper topic or draft paper to <|>. Our book submission guidelines can be found here:

Mark Peters13:10:30

Awesome Thank you! No unsolicited or unsponsored huh? I guess that lets me out, appreciate the help with the journal though

Leah Brown - IT Revolution13:10:38

Good morning and welcome to DOES everyone! Feel free to chat with us here about IT Rev books, the DevOps Enterprise Journal and whitepapers, The Idealcast Podcast, and more!

Leah Brown - IT Revolution14:10:04

We're excited to release the Fall 2021 DevOps Enterprise Journal featuring seven new papers from the DevOps Enterprise Forum (sponsored by LaunchDarkly). Get your copy

Leah Brown - IT Revolution15:10:00

πŸŽ‰ πŸ“š Announcement! If you're on our newsletter then you saw our exciting news this morning. We're proud to announce the upcoming publication of by @moonmaster9000 (coming Feb. 2022). You can start reading an Plus, we'll be hosting a this evening at 5:25 pm (CT) to discuss the future of work. Come join us to learn more about this exciting new book and to get your chance to receive an advanced edition of the full book!

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Leah Brown - IT Revolution19:10:08

Hey, want to get a really early sneak peek at topics in an upcoming book from IT Revolution that hasn't even finished being written yet? I know, exciting! Head over to Track 3 in about 5 minutes to listen to @abd3721 and @steveelsewhere for their talk Flow Engineering - Learning to Lead from the Inside Out!

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Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:08

heading there now, thanks for the heads up!

Leah Brown - IT Revolution21:10:52

It's poll time! Want to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of book production at IT Revolution? Help us pick the cover for the upcoming A Radical Enterprise: Pioneering the Future of High-Performing Organizations by Matt K. Parker. Below are three draft covers. Respond to the poll below this post to let us know your pick!

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution, she/her)21:10:15

@leahb - For the record, very torn between covers 1 and 2, love them both. They are both reminiscent of an artist I admire, Julian Opie.

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Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)21:10:11

In #1, it’s like they are staring at you and saying β€œGo ahead, read me β€” we dare you!”

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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution22:10:42

πŸ‘‹ Everyone, hope you are all having a great first day at DOES! Come on in and πŸ™Œ for a conversation and a round or two of Bet on the Crowd with @moonmaster9000, author of the upcoming A Radical Enterprise πŸ“–.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution22:10:38

How to play Bet on the Crowd 1) A this-or-that question is polled Here are some sample questions: β€’ Cat or dogs? β€’ Summer or winter? β€’ Emails or phone calls? 2) Post your guess on which answer will win in the Zoom chat. Any player who correctly predicts the majority gets a point. πŸ“šThe highest scoring person(s) at the end of the AMA gets a print copy of Matt’s book, The Radical Enterprise when it publishes in February 2022.