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Olav Maassen (Tasktop)08:05:37

Happy Thursday everyone! Join our live demo at 2pm (BST) and don't forget to stop by our booth to view all of our resources, chat with the team, and spin the wheel to win prizes!

Thomas Loepp Thiessen09:05:17

Meet Mirantis in Gather TODAY  - Join us at the firepit 🔥 in the park:deciduous_tree:  📅 Demos at 12:20 & 15:50 - Jenkins CI/CD and ArgoCD for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine We’ll hang out. 👀Looking forward to meeting you 🤝!

Kim Weins (Anchore)11:05:20

👉 Drop by the Anchore Lunch and Learn during the break to find out how you can secure containers 🔒 throughout the DevOps process, reduce false positives. and fix security issues more quickly. 12:20 to 12:50 BST

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Rune Boegh12:05:37

Join us for a live Epsagon demo in 10 minutes -

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Laurel Heenan12:05:07

A reminder that Tasktop is hosting a LIVE DEMO in just under 10 minutes! Learn how you can implement the Flow Framework, from the best-selling book by Dr. Mik Kersten, Project To Product, and receive a $15 Starbucks voucher:

Kari Reynosa14:05:59

Hi everyone! What a great event 🎉 If you'd like to request a demo of our Software Delivery Platform, you can earn a free Get Ship Done T shirt! 🙂

Rune Boegh14:05:16

Come Join Epsagon for a live demo in 15 Minutes -

Brian Koenig14:05:03

Reminder that Anchore is still offering demos on securing the DevOps pipeline 🔒 or (and earn 5 entries into our 49" ultra-wide monitor giveaway).

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