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Rachel Jones09:05:25

Good morning everyone! Welcome back on behalf of LaunchDarkly to the final day of DOES Europe 2021! 📚 Don't forget to download your copy of Sooner Safer Happier here: 📣 Be sure to stop by our * *today and explore the other free content we have available! 💬 Head over the and check out our Day 1 talk with Rob Greville, Head of Web Engineering, Vodafone UK


Hello Everyone, Stopping by your slack channel to understand few practices around Automation E2E(FrontEnd or Backend) 1)how the Automation of applications done on a day2day basis .How long does it typically take to complete regression 2)what techstack is being used . 3)Do you follow BDD or TDD 4)How is the test data maintained and how often is it refreshed 5)What reporting mechanism is used and how long does it take to analyse the reports

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly10:05:51

Hi @nathdipp002! Thanks for dropping by. We have a team working with Morgan Stanley who could help get you the answers to your questions. Would you like to send me a direct message with your email address so I can introduce you to the team? Thanks!

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly10:05:20

In the meantime, you may also find interesting to read through.


Thanks @heshel for reverting back .Sure will DM seperately

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Rachel Jones15:05:23

Hi all, here is the link to the AMA LaunchDarkly hosted with Jon Smart yesterday* *-, was great to have so many of you join us 👍

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Rachel Jones17:05:09

👋 Thank you to everyone who attended the event this year and made it such a valuable experience to be part of.   We'd firstly like to announce the winner of our raffle! Congratulations to @damian.wolan, a Bose speaker is on it's way to you. One of the team from LaunchDarkly will be reaching out to you shortly! Enjoy! 🎉🎵 LaunchDarkly are proud to have sponsored such an exciting event. Keep a lookout on the session highlights, including the AMA with Jon Smart 📣 📚 and pop into the *to watch our session with *Rob Greville, Head of Web Engineering at Vodafone. Looking forward to doing it again next year in person!!! 👏

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