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Mike McDaid - Copado09:05:58

Good Morning! ☀️ It's the final day, how quickly has the time gone?  *Grab your FREE Copy!* 📙 We had a lot of requests for the Mastering Salesforce DevOps book yesterday, so we've decided to give away another 50 books! These are hard copies that will be delivered directly to you. If Salesforce is not your responsibility, share the link with a colleague, but be quick before they all go!   About to embark on a Salesforce Digital Transformation journey? Watch Tuesday's session on;_ga=2.88662621.730840607.1621242711-146256122.1620636091! *Stop by the!* • To see a demo of Copado • To download the State of Salesforce DevOps Report • Book a Salesforce DevOps Assessment • See how some of the largest companies are innovating at scale on Salesforce with Copado, including Coca Cola, Linde, Conga and Schneider Electric. Or, just head over to #xpo-copado and have a chat with us!

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