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James Hunter10:05:02

Day 3! We hope everyone is enjoying the conference.

James Hunter10:05:31

Hope to see you in Gather 🤝

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Hello Everyone, Stopping by your slack channel to understand few practices around Automation E2E(FrontEnd or Backend). 1)how the Automation of applications done on a day2day basis .How long does it typically take to complete regression 2)what techstack is being used . 3)Do you follow BDD or TDD 4)How is the test data maintained and how often is it refreshed 5)What reporting mechanism is used and how long does it take to analyse the reports 6)What % of the entire build process is Automated & What % of testing is Manual vs Automation. Thanks

Shane O'Rourke12:05:42

Hi @nathdipp002, thanks for stopping by ! Great questions. Will try to be as succinct as possible. 1. Automation We look at all aspects of the devops lifecycle for opportunities to automate, it is our obsession! We offer a comprehensive toolset that help DevOps team , from for a single application for all stages of the DevOps lifecycle across Product Development, QA, Security, and Operations. We can extend that automation though a full software testing suite;p4=43700052280942691&amp;p5=b&amp;gclid=Cj0KCQjwkZiFBhD9ARIsAGxFX8DVDKMe8CppW_T59vbbfLxtaDkD84Ya05yIkyxGKGnTcdE1OoT87mQaAlpFEALw_wcB&amp;gclsrc=aw.ds for all of your testing needs from API, user interface (UI) and the overall system. to testing simulation of services. We can enable large scale automated deployment and audit-ability across complex environements using,visibility%2C%20traceability%20and%20auditing%20capabilities.. Finally we give you the view of how these all tie together, using throughout that lifecycle from idea to value realization.

Shane O'Rourke12:05:02

2) In terms of the stack, apart from the toolchain above, we deploy across cloud, mainframe, on prem, and any mixture of the above.


Thanks @orourke for providing insights on various tooling .I would go through each one and try to join few webinars to get better insight .I know ,it would take me sometime to find few video links ,but incase you have it handy please do provide ,this would help get a feel on how powerful the tooling is in terms of CI/CD pipeline and Automated testing .

Shane O'Rourke12:05:28

Sure @nathdipp002, We definitely can provide, there is a lot of material on the;utm_source=Exinfluencer&amp;utm_content=000040UU&amp;utm_term=10004589&amp;utm_id=DevopsEnterpriseSummit2021-DevOps page, or if you would like a demo on how we use these tools, would be more than happy to organise. The reality is that we have many IBM and Red Hat teams using these toolchains for our own internal development, and we can show CI?CD, testing tools, and our VSM governance and reporting, I will ping you directly on SLACK with my email.

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Suhas Kashyap13:05:48

@nathdipp002 You can find some videos in our IBM DevOps community • IBM DevOps community link - • Various short videos on Continuous Testing -


thanks @suhas.kashyap


thanks @orourke for the link .

Randy Langehennig15:05:24

Hi All, if you have any questions from DevOps perspective for IBM, I am here.