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Christoph Hagedorn11:05:21

Hi there, I would like to open a discussion in about following topic: Continous Learning and Best practices - Dev-Teams vs. Management

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Christoph Hagedorn11:05:25

Isn't there a greater discrepancy and distance in terms of continuous learning and application of best practices between development teams and their managers on the one hand and decision-makers and executives at higher levels of the hierarchy?

Christoph Hagedorn11:05:49

If you like to discuss that, you find me next to the bar in

Christoph Hagedorn11:05:06

As Product Owner or developer you are used to learn new stuff on a weekly basis. Does the management keep up with that pace?

Philip Day13:05:27

I'm interested in talking about DOES evangelism - encouraging colleagues to engage with the field, come to the conferences / consume the content, apply learnings - message me if you'd like to meet up somewhere in Gather Town

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Use other profile14:05:39

Gather has been upgraded for “day 3+1” of the conference! We’ll keep it open at higher bandwidth for people who want to hang out. I know there’s interest and people showing up at the Gather bar later.

Philip Day17:05:27

Official #afterparty gathering in the Gather Town bar as we speak

Nick Eggleston (free radical)17:05:59

It's Bar O'clock in Gather!

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Luke Rettig - Target, Sr Director-Global Inventory Mangement15:10:15

i just read this and didnt see the May 20th tag and thought you two were jumping on a Gather HH at 10am!

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)15:10:02

LOL. Next meeting is today at 4pm CT

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Luke Rettig - Target, Sr Director-Global Inventory Mangement20:10:47

is there a zoom to join for this 4pm ct meeting?

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)21:10:22

I’m literally talking to two other people. Different browser? Clear cache?

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)21:10:11

We are all tech support for each other.

Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)21:10:37

If that doesn’t work I’ll see if we can switch to zoom.

Luke Rettig - Target, Sr Director-Global Inventory Mangement21:10:34

sunofabitch - same thing on my ipad, personal macbook and work

Luke Rettig - Target, Sr Director-Global Inventory Mangement21:10:46

its all good… i need to figure this out before next week!