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Jimmy Simons08:05:19

Looking forward to a great day 2! Thank you for the questions and the happy hour attendees!

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Mats Persson10:05:55

I'm interested in the Jon Smart session later today. In your booth now looking for the link to the event 🙂 (or is the booth on gather or somewhere else?)

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)10:05:19

Hi @mats.persson693 The link on the booth now leads to a space for you to download the ebook. Just before the AMA, it will switch over to the AMA link. But you can also find the AMA link here:

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Mats Persson10:05:24

Thanks for the link, already got the book, it is fantastic!

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Rachel Jones12:05:48

📣 Join us in 5 minutes for the Jon Smart! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly10:05:17

Hello everyone! We are also online on Gather Town if you fancy dropping by for a call to chat about LaunchDarkly (left side of the map). T-minus 2 hours until the and don't forget to sign up for this evening starting at 6:25pm BST!

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Rachel Jones12:05:29

📣 Join us in 5 minutes for the Jon Smart! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Gianluca Manzi12:05:35

Only way to attend the session is via zoom?

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly12:05:01

Hi Gianluca, that's right, this AMA is being hosted on Zoom 😊

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly12:05:08

Are you having any issues joining?

Gianluca Manzi12:05:51

yeap, I cannot install the zoom client on the laptop, and actually zoom is not allowed in our company 😞

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly12:05:15

Ah right 😞 would it work on your mobile phone by any chance?

Gianluca Manzi12:05:55

but I need the link... on Safari only a simple version of the Launchdarkly page is availble

Gianluca Manzi12:05:17

May I get a free version of the book by any chance? 🙂

Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly13:05:44

The link for the free version of the book will be back after the AMA I believe 🙂

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Rachel Jones13:05:08

Hi all! Thanks to everyone who joined the Sooner Safer Happier AMA with Jon Smart earlier. Great to hear so much wonderful feedback on the session. We will be posting a link to the recording on our site shortly, keep a lookout! Hope to see you all at our where we'll be joined by Gene Kim. Come join us for a drink! 🍹

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Rachel Jones16:05:48

Looking forward to seeing everyone in an hour's time at the! We'll be joined by Gene Kim for a fireside chat and you'll also have the opportunity to win Amazon vouchers in our quick-fire question round. See you shortly 🍻🍷upvotepartyparrot

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Rachel Jones17:05:28

5 MINUTE COUNTDOWN! Join LaunchDarkly & Gene Kim for Happy Hour - 🍻🍷🍹

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Cindy Lin - Sleuth17:05:59

^ also doing a quick trivia at the beginning….$50 amazon gift card to the winner!!