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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution08:05:50

👋 Welcome to Day 2 of the virtual London DevOps Enterprise Summit 2021! We’re looking forward to another great day of talks. 🔖 If you haven’t visited the IT Revolution booth yet, check it out, we have discounted books, free Reader’s Guides, and a new Spring DevOps Enterprise Journal.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution08:05:39

There are also three great opportunities for free IT Revolution books sponsored by our friends at: • Snyk with Team Topologies • Mirantis with Agile Conversions • LaunchDarkly with Sooner Safer Happier You can download them at those booths or here:

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution10:05:16

📄 Looking for practical guidance from top industry leaders on how to DevOps? Check out our white paper library and journal:

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution10:05:27

> “There is no cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. There is no silver bullet, no snake oil, no panacea. To know whether the bodies of knowledge, the principles and practices you’re using, are having the desired impact, you need to know what your desired outcomes are and keep your eye on that ball.” > — Sooner Safer Happier

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution10:05:33

Want more? You can get the book for free, go to the LaunchDarkly booth for the link.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution10:05:51

> “Teams are always works in progress, but they are also your best shot at delivering value continuously and sustainably by aligning them with the business. Ideally, teams should be long lived and autonomous, with engaged team members. However, teams don’t live in isolation.[…] In short, organizations not only need to strive for autonomous teams, they also need to continuously think about and evolve themselves in order to deliver value quickly to customers.” > > — Team Topologies

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution10:05:48

Want more? You can get the book for free, check it out at the Snyk booth.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution11:05:24

> “When we change our conversations, we change our culture.” > > — Agile Conversations

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution11:05:39

Want more? You can get the book for free, go to the Mirantis booth.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution11:05:05

Want to follow us on social media? 🐦 Twitter: @ITRevBooks :speaking_head_in_silhouette: Facebook: 📎 LinkedIn:

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems13:05:29

Is there a way to read the ebooks from the conference on a Kindle Paperwhite? I can't install the ITRev app on there. If not, I'll use another device, but thought it would be worth asking.

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution13:05:12

Hi @dacahill7! Not on the Paperwhite, unfortunately.

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems13:05:57

Good to know! Thanks for the help!

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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution14:05:14

If you haven’t heard, there are free books to be had. Be sure to get:acon:ttopand sshbefore the conference ends!

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution15:05:02

📄 We hope you are as blown away by the talks as we are! If you want more learnings from practitioner-leaders, check out our white papers and journal:

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution17:05:19

🍸 It’s time for happy hour, see you there!