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Jim Moverley06:05:30

morning all! was great to chat to so many of you in the "gather" town 🙂 see you at bar central for more fun discussions today!

Rikard Ottosson - Psychological Safety (People Not Tech Ltd)07:05:07

I used to work for a lorry manufacturer in Södertälje that was vehemently anti devops back in 2010, I'm loving the ability to watch videos ahead of time. Talk scheduled for tomorrow.(

RJ - Ways of Working, Nationwide UK08:05:47

Morning to the community I love ❤️! Just to say, on behalf of the c30 Nationwide colleagues attending this year - thank you for what has already been an incredible set of talks and perspectives. The conversations that emerged in real-time and through the evening 'back home' have been open, honest, positive and vulnerable - and it's this community's stimulus through talking and sharing that makes this possible. Thank you to everyone and here's to another amazing day's learning ❤️.

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Jonathan Garzon08:05:55

Good morning all! 🙂

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Jonathan Garzon09:05:59

haha yes I should have said “Good morning/afternoon/evening! 🙂


Reminder: Get yourself in front of your browser for the opening remarks. We’re kicking off Day 2 in 15 minutes!


Kia Ora, Greetings from New Zealand - Looking forward to Day-2 talks.

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Reminder: If you haven’t updated your Slack profile to include more information about yourself, now would be a great time to do it. Name, image, organization, title, pronouns… whatever you feel comfortable sharing with this community to help us learn a little more about you. Here’s an example…

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair08:05:43

Looking forward to another great day of presentations and interactions on Day 2, all! 🙂 I thought my friend @damon said it best about the crowd here at DevOps Enterprise Summit: So true!!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair08:05:20

@damon said in that tweet: > What makes @ITRevDOES so special is the caliber and real-world experience of attendees. You learn as much from the people sitting next to you as you do from the remarkable people on stage. Some how, the scale up in size over the years hasn’t changed this.

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair08:05:38

See you in #ask-the-speaker-plenary!!! I’m heading there myself! 🙂

Nick Eggleston (free radical)08:05:36

It’s 5am, time for day 2 😊

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Reminder: Day 2 is starting now – opening remarks and then plenary talks! Join the conversation in #ask-the-speaker-plenary.

Gillian Nieboer09:05:26

We need some love 😢

Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]09:05:45

Ready. Looking forward to day 2!

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Jim Moverley09:05:30

#sockenergy !

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Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]09:05:27

@mvk842 Please send socks for day 3! 😁

Gillian Nieboer09:05:04

$UNI :unicorn_face:

Jim Moverley09:05:15

I think you're on to something Jon/kim!

Chris Gallivan, Stellantis, Value Stream Architect09:05:06

silly question, where do I view the conference? I keep getting sent to the video library

Jim Moverley09:05:56

beat me to it 🙂

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Chris Gallivan, Stellantis, Value Stream Architect09:05:24

for some reason it redirects me to the video library

Simon Skelton - John Lewis, Platform and Ops Manager09:05:57

If it takes you to video library, can you click on DOES logo on top left as that should take you back to homepage which has a "Start Watching" link?

Use other profile09:05:50

I think I figured it out and DMed you @chris.gallivan278 — should be good now if you refresh.

Chris Gallivan, Stellantis, Value Stream Architect09:05:56

that was wierd- i had to go into incognito

Use other profile09:05:40

You have two emails with us, and one was registered, while the other wasn’t. Think you were logged in with the other.

Use other profile09:05:50

I just made both “registered”

Use other profile09:05:59

so should work not in incognito, too.

Chris Gallivan, Stellantis, Value Stream Architect09:05:11

company switched email addresses, so old one still there


Reminder: Is there someone you’d like to share a video with? Go ahead! Videos are free for others to watch — just send them the link. The people you share the videos with just need to enter their email address. Free accounts are capped at five views during the conference and ten views per month afterwards. Individual (unlimited views for one person) and Organisation Memberships (unlimited views for an entire organization) are available at

Gillian Nieboer09:05:56

Thank you @genek for those opening words! Great work on making this such a nice experience for many still stuck at home, looking forward to the next edition in person but for now gather is a great replacement 💜

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Is there a way to turn the subtitles off? I'm finding them rather distracting.

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Mitesh (DOES Event Staff / Engineer at Gaiwan)09:05:30

Hey @andy.pattrick! You can switch to Track 2 it does not have subtitles 🙂


Aha! Thank you!

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Stijn Claes - Nike09:05:29

@jeff.gallimore is there a way to turn off the subtitles?


Switch to Track 2

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@genek I'm really missing the DevOps Confessions. I'd like to vote for those to return please. Some of the success story presentations come across as company marketing promotions - "didn't we do our devops journey great!". The confessions would often be much more insightful, getting to the nitty-gritty day-to-day difficulties that many of us on this journey experience, and personally I found greater and more practical learning in them than high level success stories from huge organisations.

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Use other profile09:05:02

Happy to hear you find them so valuable!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair02:05:19

There’s one tomorrow morning!

Philipp Böschen, TUI, DevOps Coach, (he/him)09:05:27

@alex Just a little bit of feedback, the audio level of the jingle between the video cuts is definitely a little louder than the actual talks from my experience 🙂

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Use other profile09:05:58

great feedback - thankyou @philipp.boeschen650 I notice it coming in a little hot, too.

Philipp Böschen, TUI, DevOps Coach, (he/him)09:05:15

The downsides of having good audio equipment 😂

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RJ - Ways of Working, Nationwide UK10:05:44

OK - whilst recognising and checking both my biases and mental model...may I respectfully highlight how stoked I am about the talk coming up right on combining Intelligent Control and DevOps: My good friends (and colleagues) @markosrendell and @leanne.bridges share their perspectives, learnings and give a hint of our journey ahead - highly, highly recommended watching :unicorn_face:🔥

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Grant Robertson - Synopsys10:05:23

@genek101 Maybe its already been mentioned but for next year have you considering running everything through Gather? i.e. people walk around to virtual booths. Join talk sessions in a virtual conference room and then people have to virtually walk to the next slot? Its hard to focus on everything and engage in all places simultaneously. People could hang around after to talk to the speaker or run off to next session if they wanted

Duena Blomstrom, Psychological Safety Dashboard CEO, Author PeopleBeforeTech10:05:33

Uh oh - I have to admit I'd vote against that personally, Gather isn't for everyone, ironically

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Grant Robertson - Synopsys11:05:57

I get not everyone want their webcams/mics on but you don't have to with gather

Grant Robertson - Synopsys11:05:20

but it does bring virtual closer to the physical event experience

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)11:05:31

Thanks for the perspectives. It sounds like Gather has definitely been a valuable addition to the Summit experience. After the event, we’ll be talking about what we learned and all the feedback about it so we can improve for future events.

Kim Weins (Anchore)11:05:33

Would be cool if the booths/expo hall was in there at least

Steve Smith21:05:48

I agree with @me1342. Tools like Gather are interesting, and can be useful. But they definitely have downsides And also - won't we back to in-person events in 2022? 🤞 in the UK is aiming for an in-person event this September (disclaimer, I'm on the org committee)

Nick Eggleston (free radical)11:05:15

I seem to recall someone was sharing a Google Doc we can collaboratively edit to collectively take notes on the summit. Is there more than one? Anyone have the links? Thanks!

Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair12:05:47

Holy cow, what a great idea!

John Osborne11:05:47

Once the OKRs have been used to micromanage tasks or for the managers own vanity purposes it's hard to earn that trust back because now everyone rolls their eyes when you talk about OKRs

Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)11:05:22

🎉 It's a great time to head over to #games to vote in the Sticker-Off and complete the Sticker Seeker game! Play now and you're entered to win our GRAND PRIZE tomorrow including: 2 DOES Virtual-US Conference Passes + IT Rev Pub ebook + $250 PayPal + Video Library Membership! 🎉

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Reminder: Just a reminder we have some fun games to play. And maybe you’ll win some prizes! Get more info at or in #games

Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)11:05:17

Don't forget to join the #demos channel right away! There are so many great demos happening all day in and this channel will keep you in the loop! Come visit the demos--learn and win!

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Jakub Holý11:05:51

@patrick.debois256 hi! I am trying to decide which talk to watch now when the restart. Your talk is missing any description and thus does not sell itself very well. I like descriptions that help me understand why I should select a particular talks over all the others :)

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Patrick Debois11:05:32

oh dear I don't know how this happened

Jakub Holý11:05:14

I know. The internet trolls 🙂 If you have a description available and could paste it here...?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution11:05:30

@jakub.holy The abtract has been added to Sched, apologies for the oversight!

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Jakub Holý12:05:18

@annp I see "Impression Management and Psychological Safety In High Performing Teams" also lacks description

Ann Perry - IT Revolution12:05:42

I will try to track that down, @jakub.holy!

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution13:05:48

Hi Jakub – okay, the abstract is now in place, thank you for the heads up!!


Reminder: The breakout sessions are starting in 5 minutes. Get in front of your browser and start navigating your way to whichever session you’re attending.


Reminder: @jonathansmart1, the author of Sooner Safer Happier, is having an Ask Me Anything session at 1:50pm London time. You can get the link to join the discussion here: Thanks to our sponsor, LaunchDarkly (#xpo-launchdarkly), for making this possible!

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab11:05:15

We’d love to hear more about you all ! Use emojis below to respond 😄 What does typically happen when there is a high criticality security incident at your organization? 🤒 people feign illness and take PTO immediately. 🧑‍💼 Everyone on the team quickly calls recruiters back to see if the offer is still valid.  Work grinds to a screeching halt and does not continue until the incident is resolved. 🍻 Ops and Security staff work overtime, Developers get blamed, and everyone checks corporate policy to see if alcohol is expensable.

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Use other profile11:05:29

The action has moved to breakouts! Join the following channels to chat with speakers live while their talks air: #ask-the-speaker-track-1 #ask-the-speaker-track-2 #ask-the-speaker-track-3 #ask-the-speaker-track-4

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)12:05:03

You don't want to miss today's exciting, LIVE VendorDome: Putting the Sec in DevOps, sponsored by & in Track 4! Come join them during the extended break.

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Reminder: Welcome to VendorDome presented by GitLab (#xpo-gitlab-all-in-one-devsecops) and Anchore (#xpo-anchore-devsecops)! Hear debate on top-of-mind topics including learnings from Solar Winds and CodeCov attacks, how ‘shift left’ security fits in your DevOps processes, and pros and cons of tool diversity versus standardization. Join Paul Holt (General Manager, EMEA, Anchore), Neil Levine (VP, Anchore), and Sam White (Senior Product Manager, GitLab, starting at 1:50pm London time. Get more info at!

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)12:05:12

📚 Also @jonathansmart1 will be joining for a special midday AMA to discuss his book Sooner, Safer, Happier. You don't want to miss this session! 📚

Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)12:05:33

📣 There's still time! Find the hidden stickers, vote for your favorite, win amazing prizes! Visit #games Our Day 2 winners will be announced at 5pm!

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Keara Vu (IT Revolution)12:05:27

Who doesn't love a fun scavenger hunt... Find those stickers!

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Reminder: We’re heading to break now. Recharge, refuel, and get ready for an amazing second half of Day 2.

Annie Manatad12:05:22

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: Join us NOW for GitLab / Anchore Vendordome   BONUS - attending gets you :admission_tickets: 5 entries :admission_tickets:  in our giveaway contest for a 49" ultra-wide monitor  🖥️  Visit to learn more!!

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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution12:05:38

Don’t want these DOES-type learnings to end? Follow IT Revolution on social media: 🐦 Twitter: @ITRevBooks :speaking_head_in_silhouette: Facebook: 📎 LinkedIn:

Use other profile13:05:21

VendorDome: Putting the Sec in DevOps on Track 4

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Katharine Chajka (Tasktop)13:05:51

such a great talk with Jon Smart right now on COPs - so powerful - thank you!

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Nick Eggleston (free radical)13:05:55

THIS! Is you're not on the zoom call with Jon, you're missing something very good. I don't know that it will be recorded...

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Rachel Jones13:05:16

The full recording can be found after the event on the LaunchDarkly site! We'll let you know when it's up 👍

Katharine Chajka (Tasktop)13:05:25

This is an AMAZING SESSION. thank you so much. I am SO GLAD to hear it is recorded. You do not want to miss this one. Gold!

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Henry Eshel - LaunchDarkly13:05:51

Thanks again @jonathansmart1!

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Rachel Jones13:05:45

Hi all! Thanks to everyone who joined the Sooner Safer Happier AMA with @jonathansmart1 earlier. Great to hear so much wonderful feedback on the session. We will be posting a link to the recording on our site shortly, keep a lookout! Hope to see you all at our where we'll be joined by Gene Kim. Come join us for a drink! 🍹

Katharine Chajka (Tasktop)12:05:32

Hi! Was this posted yet?

Rachel Jones13:05:15

Hi guys! the recording will be ready to share very soon. I'll post a link when it's ready

Rachel Jones14:05:55

Hi all, here is the link to the AMA LaunchDarkly hosted with Jon Smart yesterday -, was great to have so many of you join us 👍


Reminder: The breakout sessions are starting again in 5 minutes. Get in front of your browser and start navigating your way to whichever session you’re attending.


Reminder: Don’t miss out on today’s networking time – a chance to connect with other attendees. We have two options starting at 3:55pm London time: 1.    Lean Coffee (#lean-coffee), sponsored by LaunchDarkly (#xpo-launchdarkly) 2.    Birds of a Feather (in the Birds of a Feather room in Gather and any of the #bof-* channels), sponsored by LaunchDarkly (#xpo-launchdarkly)

Use other profile14:05:00

Industrializing your Data Science Capabilities with Dubravko Dolic live on! Chat live in #ask-the-speaker-track-2

John Willis14:05:50

If anyone is interested in chatting about Dr. Deming come find me after the BOF's in Gather. Or ping me in slack...

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Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)14:05:13

@jwillis i added the deming emoji just for you

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution14:05:06

Free books! Be sure to get:acon:ttopand sshbefore the conference ends!

acon 1
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Reminder: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with others with similar interests in the Birds of a Feather sessions happening now. There’s something for everyone! ·     Leadership, Culture, Dynamic Learning Organizations (#bof-leadership-culture-learning) ·     Architecture, Engineering, Operations (#bof-arch-engineering-ops) ·     Project-to-Product Transformations, Value Streams (#bof-project-to-product) ·     Security, Audit, Compliance, GRC (#bof-sec-audit-compliance-grc) ·     COVID-19 Lessons (#bof-covid-19-lessons) Just head to the Birds of a Feather room in Gather.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:05:22

Head on over to Lean Coffee right now for engaging discussion and learnings on Metrics Pitfalls, Ways of Working, OKRs, Agile Conversations and Building Internal Capability Not Consultant Dependency:coffee: #lean-coffee

Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)16:05:14

🏆 Congratulations to today's winners! 🏆 Sticker-Off winners: @lucas.rettig - $250 Paypal @nelson.furtado - $250 Paypal Sticker seeker winners: @jgaetjens - $250 Paypal + DOES Virtual - US Pass @erik.sackman - DOES Virtual - US Pass @stijn.claes - DOES Virtual - US Pass

upvotepartyparrot 3
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Use other profile16:05:41

@jgaetjens!!!! I ran the random number generator and your name came up first, and I was like YESSSSSSSS

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Julia Gätjens16:05:00

So serendipitous @alex! I've never won anything in my life. So it seems to be my lucky day 🎉🥳 Thank you and the conference team for these fun games and prizes!

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Keara Vu (IT Revolution)16:05:23

Thank YOU @jgaetjens!

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Marjorie Kessler (Events Staff, ITREV, she/her)16:05:27

@jgaetjens Congratulations! I just sent you a DM.

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Reminder: The plenary sessions are starting again in 5 minutes. Start making your way back to your browser.

Use other profile16:05:22

Moving back to #ask-the-speaker-plenary!

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)16:05:46

Please consider joining @jtf for a conversational dojo, sponsored by at 6:25 PM BST. to access this event! 🎉

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acon 1

Reminder: Yes, we’re having another happy hour today! We’ll have hosted sessions, a general session, and some IT Revolution authors doing an Ask Me Anything session. And, yes, you can even pick up some more books (virtually, of course). Check out #happy-hour for more info.


Reminder: Please submit your feedback for the talks you attended. It’s so valuable for us and the speakers. And after all, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring!   Enter your feedback for those talks here:


Reminder: Videos of plenary talks are available after they air so all the plenary talks for yesterday and today are available now. Videos of all breakout talks over all three days are also available now. View them at The slides are available for download, too! Dropbox: GitHub:

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)17:05:38

All the magic, a conversational dojo, a chat with Mik and a happy hour with Gene! Don't miss tonight's happy hours with, and! Also, consider joining the Conversational Dojo with the authors of Agile Conversations, sponsored by Click here for the full list:

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Use other profile17:05:30

I’ve heard the zoom magic shows are surprisingly good and have to check this out.

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Jim Moverley18:05:39

we're at the bar if anyone is still about (gathering)

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Bryan Finster - Defense Unicorns (Speaker)18:05:08

I'll drop by if y'all are still there in 30 min.

Nick Eggleston (free radical)18:05:03

Felt Permissions for Candor is another ways of expressing Psychological Safety (@jtf)

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations08:05:15

That's from Dr. Amy Edmondson herself on The Breakdown podcast with Chris Clearfield: It was really funny! Edmondson said the term psychological safety was a mistake, and that she set the field back years by choosing that term. (Because it sounds too "soft".)

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Kim Weins (Anchore)19:05:26

Thanks so much to the DOES Event team for all the creativity in the set up for this event. Compared to other virtual events, your team hit it out of the park in creating new ways to engage. And is amazing!

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Jorge Luis Castro Toribio21:05:25

Hi team. Good morning. Hope you are doing great. I would like to share you my last paper “Optimizing team organization for increased flow through DevOps, SRE & Team Topologies, Technical Agility and agile practices”. Hope you can find it useful. I will be honored if you can leave me a like and/or a comment/feedback. Thank you.

Steve Smith21:05:39

I think the Slack setup for this virtual conference is great, 👏 for the curated channel list on joining. One change I'd suggest for DOES LV 2021 - rename #general as #event-info (or similar), and lock this channel down to event staff advising folks where to go next + general conference announcements. / @annp I'm finding it hard to keep up with event announcements vs. reading material sharing vs. questions all in one place. Maybe I'm not the only one? At Lean Agile Exchange last year, #general was renamed as #event-info and made read-only to attendees, it worked well. At John Lewis & Partners, we renamed #general -> #announcements and it's worked out there as well. I think it gives everyone (including me) a nudge to put conversations in the right places for people to find them

Ann Perry - IT Revolution08:05:17

Hi @steve.smith  – really appreciate the feedback, we have been echoing these thoughts internally as well. The fine-tuning continues, and each conference experience helps us get a little more streamlined.

Steve Smith08:05:53

No worries @annp, I can connect you to Allison Beaumont (organiser of Lean Agile Exchange) after this conference, if it helps you. Just let me know

Ann Perry - IT Revolution08:05:41

I would love that, thank you so much @steve.smith!

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Jim Moverley22:05:00

the brits are still propping up the bar in gather 😄

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