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Paul Holt08:05:48

Good morning DOES attendees and welcome to Day 2!!!! Myself and @tyran.henry are manning the Anchore virtual booth this morning and available to answer any questions or provide a quick demo. Just ask here in the channel…..

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Sean Cahill ( Anchore )11:05:34

From our awesome partners at GitLab!

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Brian Koenig12:05:08

🏆Anchore & GitLab enter the VendorDome in just 30 minutes (1:50 BST)! 🏆 We’d love to see you at the Vendordome where we’ll be talking about “Getting the Sec in DevOps.” Grab lunch and

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Angela Siefkes13:05:09

Such GREAT information from the Vendordome! Thanks @nlevine @swhite941 and @paul120!

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Sarah Hartshorn14:05:24

📣 (and for folks who aren’t) - you’ll get :admission_tickets: 5 entries :admission_tickets: when you attend our speaking session with Anchore CTO Dan Nurmi on Thursday -- Stay Out of the (Bad) Headlines: Keeping Attackers Out of Your Supply Chain at 2:50pm BST (9:50am ET)

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