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Paul Holt07:05:58

Good morning DOES Attendees, myself and @tyran.henry are here in #xpo-anchore-devsecops channel this morning to talk container security, compliance and the importance of the software supply chain.

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Paul Holt07:05:32

Oh and of course if you want to learn more about Anchore and how we are working the likes of Cisco, Nvidia, US Department of Defense on exactly these challenges

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Kim Weins (Anchore)11:05:41

Join Anchore to play Trivia during Happy Hour today! 🍸  *6:25pm BST (1:25pm ET) tropical_drinkYou bring your favorite beverage and knowledge of obscure(ish) trivia, we bring the fun and the 10 Amazon gift cards for giveaways. beerwine_glass*Register to participate and you’ll get 5 entries in our drawing for the 49" ultra-wide monitor PLUS the chance to win 10 Amazon gift cards during the game.

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Kim Weins (Anchore)12:05:02

Join Anchore in the Solutions Hub (park area at the top of GatherTown) by the right firepit to talk about container security or get a demo!

Sean Cahill ( Anchore )14:05:35

Come stop by the Anchore booth to hear more about container security and compliance, industry based policies and more! @pvn and I are here to answer any questions you may have!

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Sarah Hartshorn17:05:53

🏆 Who wants to be entered to win a 49" ultra-wide monitor 🖥️  and a chance at one of 10 Amazon gift cards 💳 in 10 minutes for happy hour &amp; trivia!

Sarah Hartshorn17:05:42

Round 1 Trivia starts now! Join us for a chance to have some fun and win one of our Amazon gift cards! 🎉

Kim Weins (Anchore)17:05:22

And if you registered and can't find the link, here you go: Happy Hour Zoom link:

Sarah Hartshorn17:05:43

It’s not too late to Round 2 starts in a few short minutes. Come join us and win one of our Amazon gift cards!🏆

Sarah Hartshorn17:05:35

Congrats to round 1 winners at Anchore Trivia Happy Hour! @clayton.m.snyder @fraserdr @james.wasson @cncook001 @ann.marie.99

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Brian Koenig18:05:18

Congrats to round 2 winners at Anchore Trivia Happy Hour! @ben.conrad @saket.kulkarni @ferrix @clayton.m.snyder @ann.marie.99

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