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Molka Elleuch11:05:59

Join us in Gather in room #5, if you have any questions or interested to see any demos.

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Sara Sajaniemi12:05:19

Hi all! Have you had a great first day at conference? I'm looking forward the IKEA + Synopsys presentation today.

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Gustav Lundsgård12:05:24

I think it is tomorrow, right? 😄

Sara Sajaniemi12:05:16

Ow, I had a wrong date marked up! 😄 Yes, it's tomorrow 19th. Tack Gustav!

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Michael Dahl - Synopsys13:05:52

I hope so as well - otherwise, time to get slightly stressed...🥶

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Hannah Laurence - Synopsys14:05:21

🧙 🪄 After a long busy day of sessions, get ready to wind down with some magic tonight at 6.25pm (BST)🧙 🪄 to attend Synopsys' Happy Hour with BAFTA award winning Fergus Flanagan :male_mage: and... For the first 50 people to register and attend we'll be sending you a Synopsys@Home goodie box! 🎁 👀

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Abbie Hunt - Synopsys17:05:32

📞 :telephone: RING RING.... This is your final call to join the Synopsys Happy Hour Magic Show!! 🪄 :male_mage: we still have a few Synopsys@Home boxes up for grabs now and attend! It all kicks-off at 6.25pm BST... what are you waiting for? 🪄