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Hannah Laurence - Synopsys07:05:27

Welcome to Day 2 of the DevOps Enterprise Summit! Last night we had so much fun at our Happy Hour with the launch of Intelligent Orchestration and a magic show 🪄 :male_mage: If you have any questions after hearing about all things Intelligent Orchestration please let us know! Today we also welcome you to 'Rise of the IKEA Cyber Jedis - Building a Security Community of Practice' with IKEA at 3.20pm (BST), @gustav.lundsgard1 and @mdahl will be live in #ask-the-speaker-track-4 to answer your questions during the session

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John Ryan16:05:01

@hannah.laurence Hello. May I please get a copy of the IKEA + Synopsys session? Thanks!

John Ryan16:05:41

@mdahl Hello, Please share a copy of your IKEA session. Thanks!

Michael Dahl - Synopsys17:05:01

Here you go, John:

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