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Duena Blomstrom, Psychological Safety Dashboard CEO, Author PeopleBeforeTech07:05:23

I think maybe people have had enough of me bragging about DOES - no sooner has this published this morning that I lost a few newsletter subscribers 🙂

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John Willis17:05:16

I've been sort of obsessed with Statistical Process Control (SPC) over the years. I was recently talking with an internal auditor about how lopsided the ratio of internal auditors vs delivery in large institutions (like in way too many). In 2019 we created the IT Revolution forum paper called Devops Automated Governance Reference Architecture as a possible first principle in addressing automation and internal audit. After two years it still seems that orgs struggle with delivery vs internal audit. I recently wrote a blog post about Shewhart and SPC called "A Brief History of Quality Control" and part of the SPC story was that Bell Labs at the time had 5000 inspectors. Shewhart wanted to reduce the cost of internal inspection but more importantly, he wanted to increase the quality. When I was talking to this internal auditor the light bulb kind of went off about the possibilities of SPC and audit. Not sure I have totally worked it out in my head but if you are interested in talking or collaborating let me know. Here's the blog post I wrote about SPC ...

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Peter Maddison22:05:11

That's great John, thanks for sharing. I reference your IT Revolution forum paper frequently both in the work I do with teams and in a talk I give at conferences. Always happy to talk about this space. Also, by random coincidence, my Deming Bot's quote this morning was: