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AlignedDev (Omnitech Engineer)15:05:15

good hint from the Gather hint: If you're having trouble physically getting into a BoF, hold 'g' to get into ghost mode and get into the space.

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Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)15:05:24

Come and join the #bof-project-to-product. key takeaways for everyone. Lot of people already present.

Siddharth, NatWest Group, DevOps CoE (he/him)15:05:52

20 mins left. Seats (virtually) are all packed. If you wish to contribute or learn. Join #bof-project-to-product soon .

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Andy Farmer - Tasktop16:05:30

It was a fun session - nice one Siddharth for organising!

Markus Lauttia16:05:40

Thanks @jason.cox for the great BoF session. Very educational and entertaining!

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Varun Manoj16:05:55

Thanks Jason - great session!

Vaidik Kapoor (Speaker) - Technology Consultant16:05:51

Absolutely. Great session @jason.cox !

Nick Eggleston (free radical)01:05:24

FOMO! @jason.cox is great to talk to