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Kurt A, Clari09:05:15

I can't seem to get the player to load this morning - have reloaded the "watch" page several times

Use other profile09:05:17

What’s the screen showing @kboth_does?

Mitesh (DOES Event Staff / Engineer at Gaiwan)09:05:20

Hey Kurt! Could you let us know if you're seeing any errors on the page? Share a screenshot maybe? 🙏

Kurt A, Clari09:05:42

The page was showing the "Loading player..." message on the right. I found that I had to completely disable Brave's privacy shields in order to get it to load. Something changed overnight because it worked yesterday. 😞 Sad to see adtech creeping in

Use other profile09:05:13

So strange - we made no changes except to default to 720p instead of “auto” for resolution.

Use other profile09:05:20

Is it working now?

Kurt A, Clari09:05:56

Looks like the cross-site cookies are now required (were not a blocker yesterday); and yes, if I allow cross-site cookies, it works

Kurt A, Clari09:05:34

Seeing closed captions today which weren't coming up yesterday too

Use other profile09:05:13

Pleasing, or displeasing?

Kurt A, Clari09:05:18

CC is OK, but the quality is not as good as whitecoatcaptioning

Kurt A, Clari09:05:30

Would be nice to be able to switch it off

Use other profile09:05:39

Track 2 is without

Arne Brasseur (CEO - Gaiwan, he/him)09:05:52

@kboth_does we are storing the user's choice of resolution in localStorage, to persist it across page loads. That's probably what is tripping up Brave.

Kurt A, Clari12:05:13

Yes, that sounds like it might be the culprit. I'm experimenting with turning off the third party cookies and enabling the ephemeral storage to see what happens

Kurt A, Clari12:05:59

Yes, confirmed - that solves the issue without enabling cross-site cookies

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Use other profile14:05:23

@simon074 see here ^^^

Jörg Weichelt09:05:05

Good morning! Any way to get rid of the Subtitles in the Videos?

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Mitesh (DOES Event Staff / Engineer at Gaiwan)09:05:27

Hey @joerg.weichelt! You can switch to Track 2 it does not have subtitles 🙂

Ann Perry - IT Revolution09:05:28

Track 2 is running without subtitles!

Jörg Weichelt09:05:03

Thank you:clap:

David Read09:05:38

An idea for next conference: I find it jars starting the intro to the next talk straight after the end of the previous one. I wonder if it's worth the presenter acknowledging the previous talk a bit more, before moving onto the next one.

Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution)09:05:07

Thanks for the feedback! In the virtual format, Gene carefully curates the content and flow of the talks of each day (and changes them over and over again)! As much as we would love for our speakers to be able reference the previous presenter, as they would at an in person conference, the format doesn’t lend itself to that. One more thing to look forward to when we’re all together again, vaccinated and under one roof!

David Read15:05:35

I mean for Gene to say more than "thank you" and moving on. His pod-casts are so good because he comments on what the speaker is saying, reflects, synthesizes a key point, puts it in context. It's great that he's commenting in slack. But a sentence or two about the previous talk would reinforce it.

David Read10:05:47

The jarring is a feeling I have. And I think it chimes with others saying they want time to reflect between talks.

Bernard Voos (FedEx)10:05:51

Hi DOES team, I’m having an issue providing feedback on the individual presentations. I can login to Sched and click the give feedback button, select a face and type in the text box, but the “Submit Feedback” button doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried multiple browsers (Firefox & Chrome), turning off extensions, and clearing cache. I’m on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3. Any ideas?

Use other profile10:05:25

Are you directly in sched, or on our website?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution10:05:57

I just confirmed that it's working via Chrome via the event site...

Use other profile10:05:16

See if it works directly on sched @bernard.voos

Use other profile10:05:27

If it does, then that will help us isolate the issue.

Bernard Voos (FedEx)10:05:42

Thanks, @alex - trying now

Bernard Voos (FedEx)10:05:13

Yup it worked on Sched

Use other profile10:05:25

good to know haha

Bernard Voos (FedEx)10:05:16

Thanks for your help! I’ll use this method

Use other profile10:05:30

kk I’ll post something to the FAQ for others. Thank you for letting us know!

Bernard Voos (FedEx)10:05:21

My pleasure, have a happy DOES-day!

Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]11:05:57

I had the same issue. I found that clicking into the talk allowed me to give feedback

Deepak Kumar10:05:43

Hi, can someone confirm for how long recording of this summit(all sessions) would be available to access post 20th May

Use other profile10:05:52

Two weeks unlimited viewing, then drops to 10 views/month with a free video library membership.

Deepak Kumar10:05:55

ok so for next 2 weeks I'll have unlimited access to recording all sessions of this summit right regardless of my membership level

Deepak Kumar10:05:20

thanks Alex!!!

Use other profile10:05:25

you’re welcome!

Bernard Voos (FedEx)12:05:10

Hi DOES team, I can’t seem to find the slides for Working on DevSecOps Culture from Patrick Debois in any of the locations. Can you help me find it?

Bernard Voos (FedEx)12:05:10

Hi DOES team, I can’t seem to find the slides for Working on DevSecOps Culture from Patrick Debois in any of the locations. Can you help me find it?

Bernard Voos (FedEx)12:05:59

Perfect, thanks so much!

Bernard Voos (FedEx)12:05:09

You guys are really on the ball today, FYI

Vlad Ukis12:05:38

What is the Zoom link for the AMA with Jon Smart on Sooner Safer Happier?

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)13:05:40

@kapoor.vaidik @vladyslav.ukis ☝️

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Audun Fauchald Strand (audunstrand)13:05:16

i cannot load the video player on tried on multiple machines

Mitesh (DOES Event Staff / Engineer at Gaiwan)13:05:48

Hey @audunstrand are you using some sort of a VPN? Could you try without it? If not can you share a screenshot of the error you're getting, and let us know which browser are you using?

Mitesh (DOES Event Staff / Engineer at Gaiwan)13:05:49

> i needed to allow cookies Does that mean it's working fine now? 🙂

Vlad Ukis13:05:11

I do not find the slides of "Connecting Software Delivery to Business Outcomes: The Epic Balance of Moving Faster and Safer while Reducing Risk" on Dropbox. Are the slides there?

Use other profile13:05:13

little button down there

Simon Gordon (PNT)14:05:00

Hi. I am unable to log in to Each time I enter my login credentials, it takes me back to the page (no error) but I am not logged in. I have tried deleting cookies, resetting password, opening in incognito.... nada Any ideas...?

Use other profile14:05:15

let me look up your account

Mats Persson07:05:03

I kind of have the same problem, having to use Forgot Password every time

Use other profile10:05:40

I’ll DM you @mats.persson693

Use other profile15:05:13

Great catch @rshoup - fixed

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