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Hello @mik - eagerly waiting for your session 🙂

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Michael Jahn (Tasktop)10:05:32

While you are waiting, we would be happy to welcome you at our booth for more information and a chat if you like. See you in Mik's session...

Bernard Voos (FedEx)11:05:39

Hi @mik! Thanks for your fantastic talk today. My business is struggling with flow in e-commerce and I’m slowly realizing that we are NOT set up for it.

Mik Kersten (Project to Product, Tasktop)11:05:02

Hi @bernard.voos Happy to follow up on this topic as it is such a key one. You can find me at the Happy Hour later today where I can answer questions, or DM me to set some time for follow up.

Bernard Voos (FedEx)11:05:45

I’m in the middle of Project to Product at the moment, so am still getting familiar with all the concepts

Olav Maassen (Tasktop)11:05:27

Hi @bernard.voos, have you had a chance to check out the website? There is great additional content available there. Any particular topics you are interested in while you are on your journey?

Bernard Voos (FedEx)11:05:14

I will definitely join the happy hour! Thanks for the invite

Katharine Chajka (Tasktop)14:05:08

great discussion in the talk "From 4 Releases a Year, to once every other minute, in the public sector"!

Andy Farmer - Tasktop15:05:35

We are joining Siddarth for a Birds of a Feather chat on Gather right now

Mik Kersten (Project to Product, Tasktop)17:05:12

Happy Hour AMA with @pieter.jordaan starting in 5!  Link is:

Bernard Voos (FedEx)18:05:53

Thanks @mik for a great happy hour today! Looking forward to continuing our chat.

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