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Akash (Co-Founder Kloudle) (He/Him)06:05:54

🙋 Roll call! Who else is here?

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Nick Eggleston09:05:24

@genek101 at which conference did u meet each of the committee members?

Nick Eggleston09:05:11

(Should ask @genek as well I guess - cloned Gene:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: )

Nick Eggleston00:05:24

I hope I tagged the right @genek... basically I was wondering where you met each member of the team (like, which conference, for example).

Tod Bickley11:05:47

Tod Bickley (Nationwide Insurance)

Tod Bickley11:05:25

@annp I'm here Ann and can be added to my team room when you have a chance


@ashley.noble I didn't get what are you referring to with automatic monitoring. How this is working? Someone releases feature and because you are using templates there was an automatic healthcheck adopted?

Matt Cobby (Director of Engineering, Deloitte)13:05:20

@tod.bickley - Going back to the finance model - Infrastructure teams are traditionally seen as cost centres, as opposed to the "profit centres" of more business focussed teams. In that construct, there is always the pressure to reduce costs as it is a central budget. Did you do any work to map the costs back to consumers to show who is consuming the service and costs the organisation most?

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Tod Bickley13:05:29

@matthew.cobby Yes we have, it's in its infancy but we have created Technology Product Roadmaps for all our infrastructure products (IAM, Compute, Storage, Middleware, etc.) We do have efficiency targets to meet and we work closely with our app teams to help them understand exactly what units of products they consume. Then help to find ways to "consume less units". We've just started but the initial insights are very eye opening. Also, Infrastructure is a net zero organization at Nationwide. Our goal is to exactly recover our costs, no under or over. Anything over get re-distributed back to the business at the end of the year.

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