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Triinu Truu08:05:28

Hi and welcome to the Tricentis Slack Channel! Thank you for stopping by and we hope you have a great three days at the DevOps Enterprise Summit Europe. Here are a few things from us: ·      Don’t miss our presentation Thursday 20th May @ 3.20pm. Join us for an insightful investigation into how continuous end-to-end test automation can de-risk your enterprise integrations, letting you accelerate innovation while ensuring your business keeps running. We’ll share how having a common language and a risk-based, AI-powered approach to testing can help you focus resources, innovate faster and do it dependably.  · Enter you name to be in the chance of winning! ·      Demo’s – we’ll be hosting a number of demos throughout the three days! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Booth hosts if you’d like to join a quick briefing. We’ll be announcing the demo times throughout the Event in our channel.

Dmitry Luchnik /// adidas Data Analytics architect18:05:36

Hi team, I have a question inspired by your sticker password 🙂 Do you have a practical experience how new data management tools from SAP like BW/4HANA on prem / SAP DWH Cloud / SAC can be covered by CICD cycles? Anything I can read about? We managed to run a full CICD DWH, but it's based on native SQL (still some challenges btw, host a talk tomorrow on this). But SAP we left out of scope because of the way how SAP defines the object. E.g. meaningful diff is not existing for a HANA view. What I'm looking into - are there working solutions for CICD in BW? For example - how handle end2end change to a bw/4hana data pipeline - extraction-psa-adso in case of a source system created a new column.