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Olav Maassen (Tasktop)08:05:23

Hi everyone, Tasktop is excited to be here as a Virtual BFF sponsor at this years event! Welcome to our booth! We are here all day to answer any questions, so get in touch!

Olav Maassen (Tasktop)09:05:38

Happening today: 🖥️ Join Tasktop’s live demo from 2pm - 2:20pm (BST) and get a $15 Starbucks voucher! 🔉 Don’t miss Tasktop’s speaking session with Adrian Jones, VP of EMEA at Tasktop and Justin Watts, Director of Agile Change at Lloyds Banking Group. Taking place at 3:20pm (BST), both Adrian and Justin will be having a lively conversation about Aligning Software Delivery to Business Value.

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Particularly looking forward to the demo by @Justinlater. Expecting that to be relevant on multiple levels.

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Adrian (Tasktop)11:05:47

hope you enjoy it @chris.scott2. I really enjoyed working with Justin on it - thought there was so much interesting insight from him.

Michael Jahn (Tasktop)10:05:59

Thanks @chris.scott2. Looking forward to the session. It will be an interesting discussion. Please let us know if you'd like to learn more about Tasktop. See you at the speaking session.

Laurel Heenan12:05:48

Tasktop is hosting a LIVE DEMO at our booth in just under 5 minutes! Join and get a $15 Starbucks voucher

Laurel Heenan13:05:34

Don’t miss an exciting conversation between @adrian.jones and Justin Watts from Lloyds Banking Group at 3:20pm BST, focusing on aligning software delivery to business value. In this session, Adrian and Justin will discuss: • The importance of end-to-end value flow, and respecting the laws of physics • How to identify leading indicators to track and improve lagging measures • Ways to empower teams to collaborate, share lessons learned, and capitalize on reduced time-to-market and velocity gains They’ll be answering questions on #ask-the-speaker-track-4 🎉

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)15:05:02

We’re live on zoom until 5:15pm BST! Whether you’re an existing customer or someone who is interested in learning more about Tasktop’s Value Stream Management solutions, we’re ready to answer all your questions!

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)16:05:56

Did you get a chance to catch the 3:20pm session with Adrian Jones and Justin Watts? Check out Justin’s episode on #MikPlusOne, the official Project to Product podcast hosted by Dr. Mik Kersten!;utm_medium=booth&amp;utm_campaign=does-emea-21