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Kristine Setschin - GitLab07:05:52

A very good morning and a warm welcome to DOES Europe 2021 from the GitLab team!

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab08:05:34

`Welcome to the GitLab Slack Channel at DOES Europe 2021 Virtual! Here's everywhere you can find us this week.`   Visit the to: • Join live sessions including Lunch & Learns, Experts AMAs and more.;iframe=no&amp;w=&amp;sidebar=&amp;bg= • Explore additional GitLab resources and learn more about our complete DevSecOps offering • Participate in our prize draw to win some GitLab swag. 🎁    Hear from GitLab thought leaders and customers!;utm_medium=ONTRAPORT-email-campaign&amp;utm_term=&amp;utm_content=The+Full+Conference+Agenda+is+Live%21&amp;utm_campaign=DOES+%26+Events+Signup%2C+Confirmation+and+Delivery with Senior Product Manager @ GitLab - Wed, 19th May - 13:50 - 14:50 BST •;utm_medium=ONTRAPORT-email-campaign&amp;utm_term=&amp;utm_content=The+Full+Conference+Agenda+is+Live%21&amp;utm_campaign=DOES+%26+Events+Signup%2C+Confirmation+and+Delivery with, CTO @ Paysafe - Thursday, 20th May - 12:50 - 13:10 BST • Don’t forget the live sessions in the booth! Zoom link will be provided in this channel prior to the session. 🏆 :tshirt: Giveaways and prizes! • Enter our for a chance to win 1 of 5 GitLab bluetooth speakers • Join our Lunch & Learn and AMA Sessions (schedule below) for a chance to earn 1 of the limited edition DOES Europe Tanuki T-Shirts

Kristine Setschin - GitLab10:05:39

Hi all, we’d like to know more about you: Where are you joining us from today and what is your number 1 reason to do DevOps?

David Sol10:05:42

México. To achieve flow.

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab10:05:58

Hola David! Encantada 👋

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David Sol10:05:07


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Sascha Schärich (DevOps Evangelist at Deutsche Telekom IT)13:05:41

I’m joining from the lovely Münster, Germany. And I would say the Nr. 1 reason for us to move to DevOps is to stay relevant, if we don’t adopt to how the IT market reacts to customer demands we really have a problem. Of course, along the way DevOps also fixes a lot of problems every developer, Ops-person or other colleague has encountered in daily business!

Kristine Setschin - GitLab13:05:50

Willkommen Sascha! Freut uns 😄 And thanks for your thoughts. Would love to hear more of your insights during our interactive sessions. Join the discussion in our zoom :thumbsup:

Kristine Setschin - GitLab10:05:11

📣 Our first live session of the day 🌮 +📚 Let’s Taco about GitOps! Join our Lunch & Learn session on all things GitOps with, Solution Architect @ GitLab, in an hour (hosted on, 1:50 - 2:50 BST). Grab a tasty lunch and come prepared with questions. Our expert speaker will serve you a delicious GitOps ‘meal’ based on the following ingredients: GitOps = IaC + MRs + CI/CD. Join us to find out what’s hidden behind this formula and why automation and speed to iteration is key in the ever-changing world of software development. Everyone who joins will also be able to earn one of our limited edition DOES Europe 2021 Tanuki T-Shirts!

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab10:05:45

🔈 and of course you shouldn’t miss our speaking session with @james.hunter at IBM and @vkelkar “I just want to deliver the right solution the first time”. - Track 4

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab12:05:40

🔈 15 mins to go until our GitOps Lunch & Learn session with @ssrirangan on all things GitOps (hosted on, 1:50 - 2:50 BST). Join to earn one of the cool limited edition DOES Tanuki T-Shirts. See you soon

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab13:05:07

thankyou Thanks for everyone who joined our GitOps Lunch & Learn. Here’s a few more materials on GitOps with GitLab :

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab14:05:50

📣 Join our AMA at 3:50pm BST via with, Senior Director of Product Management (Dev + Sec) to find out more about what to look out for if you want to get serious about a mature DevSecOps approach in your organisation. :tshirt: By joining the session you will also be able to earn one of our limited edition DOES Europe 2021 Tanuki T-Shirts!  David is looking forward to answering all your questions

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Kristine Setschin - GitLab14:05:00

Something to get the DevSecOps discussion started. Use emojis to answer below How well do your security and developers work together? :knife: Hide the sharp instruments! 💔 Like Dad loves his mother in law, Grandma Shirley 🍐 🥕 🥜 Like peas and carrots, or peanut butter and jelly They don’t

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