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Nate Blanchard, Split13:05:00

Hello! Welcome to the Split channel. We look forward to connecting with you! We hope you enjoy the conference. Here’s a preview of what we’ve got going on: At the Breaks  Step Into Our Confessional Booth Tuesday 5/18 @ 6:25pm BST/Happy Hour AMA with the Authors of Team Topologies Wednesday 5/19 at 12:50pm-1:20pm BST A Layered Approach to Progressive Delivery with Dave Karow on Track 4 Wednesday 5/19 @ 6:25pm BST/Happy Hour Happy Hour Gone Mental with Magician/Mentalist, Tom Pesce!

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Maddy Finfrock, Split16:05:26

We’re so excited to be hosting @me1208 and and @matthew at our Happy Hour today for an AMA on their book Team Topologies! Make sure to;shelfId=ce07b281-2e9b-455c-9e22-0d095c7a4570&amp;code=split21 before joining us at 6:25pm BST 🎉

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