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Scott Mason15:10:25

Hey Everyone! Thanks for joining us today, and hope you're enjoying the conference!

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Scott Mason15:10:56

Find out more about OpenTelemetry in a fun way with!

Greg Leffler (Splunk)16:10:10

Hey everyone, get ready for our session featuring @jcampos in track 4 in 5 minutes – you’ll learn all about OpenTelemetry, why it matters, and how it can improve your monitoring infrastructure!

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Robert Castley17:10:19

I will be your host very shortly ... if you haven't registered for Splunk .conf21 Virtual ... there is still time -

Robert Castley17:10:42

BTW, did I mention it is FREE!!!!

Robert Castley17:10:02

Nevermind what Batman and Observability have in common ... what do Batman and myself have in common? I can guarantee you will never see either of us in a room at the same time :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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Robert Castley17:10:30

Why do you need Distributed Tracing? ... Splunk offers a full fidelity ingest model! Yep, you heard that right ... 100% of your traces are ingested ... no sampling, no anomaly detection ... 100% pure -

Robert Castley18:10:37

Are you the next Boss of Observability? Come and play (virtually and free) on October 18th! - 👻 That's it from me! Be safe!

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