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Reminder: The final day is starting now – opening remarks and then plenary talks! Join the conversation in #ask-the-speaker-plenary.

Prasanjit Singh16:10:08

Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹ It’s a privilege being a part of the DevOps Enterprise Summit. Happy to have this opportunity to share my experience with applying DevOps principles in face of the challenges that the pandemic threw at us. I will be around to answer any questions you might have. You can also to reach out to me at <|>

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:20

🌟 Let's say hello to @mailprasanjit from STARZPLAY, here to present DevOps Story of a Crisis &amp; Conquest 🌟

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:00

⚑ Let's say hello to @alshah1 and @mike.leuzinger who will present, A DevNetOps Journey – How We Brought DevOps to Our Network Team ⚑

Mike Leuzinger16:10:59

Hi folks!

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Hoda Alshami- Speaker- DevNetOps Journey, Nationwide Insurance16:10:45

Hi everyone! Mike and I are here to answer your questions, thanks in advance for attending our session!!

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Ike Chafkin17:10:12

How were you able to have those newer devs provide value from day one or was it more a shadowing/training process?

Mike Leuzinger17:10:38

Hoda will likely add more detail - but in general it was a combination of getting them hands-on-code on day one with some of the more straight-forward feature backlog, while also shadowing/training with the Network Engineers.

Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (open to offers)17:10:09

Did everyone buy in or did you lose some talent along the way?

Hoda Alshami- Speaker- DevNetOps Journey, Nationwide Insurance17:10:09

I stated the goal to build automation backlog, ask folks to come with potential automation ideas ( existing manual process, tech dept ... ) so dev and engineer discussed the opportunity, come with the design then both work on dev ,test and deploy. example , first thing we did moved some scripts from running from on prem to run in containers and get all out of the box feature and capability come from that.

Mike Leuzinger17:10:19

Did not lose any talent. However, I think it's fair to say some were patiently skeptical for awhile. Hoda & I made sure the team knew the direction, with a lot of context, before the devs were introduced - but of course the team needed some time to witness it actually happening before they gave their full trust.

Hoda Alshami- Speaker- DevNetOps Journey, Nationwide Insurance17:10:49

@nickeggleston fortunately, didn't lose anyone, although we had weekly long retro sessions to address any rising issues. establishing team norms at the beginning really helped.

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Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:00

✨ And now, we're excited to welcome speakers, and future IT Revolution authors, @davidanderson393 and @mark.mccann, presenting The Serverless Edge - Using Wardley Mapping with the Value Flywheel for combined business &amp; technology evolution ✨

Scott Nasello - Nike - Director of Digital Support18:10:34

Serverless + Wardley! I'm stoked

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Mark McCann18:10:45

Hi everyone, awesome to be here !

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Dave Anderson18:10:48

Thanks @annp - Here we go!!

Mark McCann18:10:55

love some 19th century engineering πŸ™‚

Scott Nasello - Nike - Director of Digital Support18:10:26

"we don't want business and technology energy to cancel each other out"

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John Ediger18:10:34

which book did you just recommend on the video?

John Ediger18:10:08

hey Chris!

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Michael O'Reilly18:10:53

Serverless Approaches can really enable Rapid delivery good to hear.

Craig Cook - IBM18:10:07

I see "map" in all 4 parts. Is each of them a Wardley map?

Michael O'Reilly18:10:17

Yeah, so you can use wardley mapping to create that situational awareness in each of the quadrants

Dave Mangot - DevOps transformation professional18:10:18

Are there any (non-vendor) studies that show that serverless is cheaper? (as opposed to equivalent) My impression is that you’re paying the serverless vendor (AWS Lambda, etc) to do all the heavy lifting for you. That is, the heavy lifting, no matter who you pay, is not free.

Craig Cook - IBM18:10:39

This could be more about making costs visible. eg. moving to cloud is generally not cheaper, it allows flexibility though.

Dave Mangot - DevOps transformation professional18:10:03

@cncook001 I agree 1000% ( I just want to make sure it’s not a situation where someone re-architects something after knowing ALL the things that they got wrong the first time they built it (which they didn’t know at that time), and then concludes that the new technology is superior, even though the ACTUAL superiority came from having 10x the knowledge, not the tool.

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Mark McCann18:10:33

Yes, we have maps for each phase... we will get into the walk through in a few minutes πŸ™‚

Dave Anderson18:10:13

In the demo next, we have a single evolving map. But sometimes it's easier to have different maps.

Dave Anderson18:10:30

It's very hard to get a like for like example - few people build the same thing twice, but we observed huge savings over many years. One is written up here -

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Trac Bannon (Speaker)18:10:13

Thanks for posting the article, @davidanderson393!

Dave Anderson18:10:31

Sometimes the systems we built would have been very hard or not cost-effective to realize without the tech & approach we used. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) was always a factor up front -

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Mark McCann18:10:36

bit meta ! πŸ™‚

Dave Mangot - DevOps transformation professional18:10:16

Really nice job combining the map with the value flywheel

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Randy Shoup (Chief Architect eBay; he/him)18:10:15

Very insightful to drive the creation of the map in the order of the flywheel elements. Often it's hard to know where to start for first-time mappers.

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Dave Anderson18:10:58

Thx! Took almost 10 years to figure out combining map & the flywheel. Lots of trial and error in real projects! Very tough to get started with mapping - but hoping to use the book to help people get started.

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John Ediger18:10:40

Thanks guys!

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Gene Kim, ITREV, Program Chair18:10:43

πŸŽ‰ Thanks for all your amazing work @davidanderson393!!!! and thanks @mark.mccann

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Brian Smith18:10:47


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Dave Anderson18:10:38

Thanks everyone - very open to feedback. We had a great time prepping the material. And Thank you, @genek for the support!

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Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps18:10:46

That was insightful. I need to understand Wardley maps and this flywheel approach seems like a good way to start that journey. Thanks @davidanderson393 and @mark.mccann

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Dave Anderson18:10:21

We also have a channel #the-serverless-edge open and happy to dig a lot deeper.

Dipesh Bhatia18:10:45

Going to doWardley mapping for our microservices project and hopefully put in a flywheel πŸ™‚

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Dave Anderson18:10:40

Happy to give you some feedback or pointers - just shoot either of us a DM.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution18:10:00

✨ And now, a special presentation from @jreock, Developer Productivity Engineering – The Next Big Thing in Software Development ✨

Bryan Finster - DoD Platform 1 (Speaker)18:10:43

It’s literally the design department

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Seth Tager - Salesforce18:10:49

You have hit the nail on the head

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Brett Hill18:10:33

Yep, very real stuff here. Friction in processes and tools is really demoralizing for teams and engineers who want to build things.

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Justin Abrahms (eBay)18:10:45

I'm not accustomed to seeing a calendar like that w/o meetings interrupting those coding sections. 😬

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Sara Gramling18:10:48

I wish our calendars looked like this - add in about 6 hours of meetings, and it'd be a little more accurate to our current state πŸ˜•

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Sara Gramling18:10:00

(we are working on that, but it's a major culture change, and it is going slow)

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John Ediger19:10:04

rather than 'after DevOps', perhaps it's just a deeper dive into one aspect of DevOps?

Craig Larsen - he/him - Solution Design Group Mpls19:10:43

I can’t wait to hear what we can do about Developer Productivity. I’m intrigued, and a bit pessimistic. I have hope though.

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:53

That's a good point, though we are taking a more historical context here, a next set of bottlenecks to work on -- but I guess you could start with DPE too, certainly not mutually exclusive. When you see the solutions, you'll see they are very much in the context of the build

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Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:15

Getting there I promise! πŸ™‚

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Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:06

How much of this Developer Productivity do you think Developers could improve if they focused on it vs a situation imposed by external pressures?

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:06

Quite a bit I'd imagine, but as you see in this slide its more about using pragmatic technology based solutions as opposed to process

Justin Abrahms (eBay)19:10:44

yup. I suspect also that devs lack the levers for shared components (like the company jenkins service being under capacity, etc) that are big time-sucks.

Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:25

Wait! Security hasn’t caught up with Agile yet… πŸ™‚

Justin Abrahms (eBay)19:10:45

@jreock Not sure if you've experimented with this, but we've seen success through things like usint OTel for build/test cycles.

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:42

I'll show you our tech in a second, caching and acceleration techniques mostly here

Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (open to offers)19:10:48

Is anything out of scope for DevOps?

Justin Abrahms (eBay)19:10:16

^^ And that's what makes it kinda impenetrable for some folks. πŸ˜‚

Bryan Finster - DoD Platform 1 (Speaker)19:10:08

Yep. Thus the needs for defined tech practices and focusing the conversation on value stream improvement.

Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (open to offers)19:10:01

Because it covers so many things, it would be important to define/scope the terms at the beginning of a discussion or document, to frame things up...

Bryan Finster - DoD Platform 1 (Speaker)19:10:54

Why I rarely talk about it as β€œDevOps”

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:19

I have seen some similar items in Statsig where you can also track feature adoption too...

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:07

it came from Facebook too.. so could be the reason it seems similar... but this is great information..

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:30

or I should say it was developed by former Facebook engineers...

Seth Tager - Salesforce19:10:17

We have people working on some DPE concerns but we have a big monolith and some of the improvements must come from rearchitecting the code itself.

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:46

Very true, and we appreciate you Salesforce! πŸ™‚

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:36

Increased modularity, optimization of inputs to cache, etc, can all make a huge difference beyond the OOTB savings

Seth Tager - Salesforce19:10:16

Yes, it's a huge ongoing effort and it competes for resources with new features.

Craig Larsen - he/him - Solution Design Group Mpls19:10:41

What I like about this is the proactive approach to some of these problems

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:16

Hans Dockter (who invented this and the Gradle build tool) would never have it any other way! πŸ™‚

πŸŽ‰ 1
Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:00

yep, we know there some delay, we can track some of the build time, like when we us twillo Bitrise and see what that time is taking...

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:01

Thats where trends and insights really save you, a one-shot improvement is never good enough, you'll get speed regressions without staying vigilant

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:00

yes, we ended up moving to a new model with them to avoid queueing and to get faster systems for building but it is not a fix to all the wait times..

Jason Hobbs19:10:12

@jreock Love this!!!

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Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:24

This is really good information....

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Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:37

So glad you are finding it valuable! πŸ™‚

Virginia Laurenzano NSA (Speaker)19:10:37

the time savings is phenomenal

πŸ’― 2
Craig Larsen - he/him - Solution Design Group Mpls19:10:20

haha, if only my builds were 10 sec πŸ˜„

Sara Gramling19:10:21

anyone have a specific recommendation for build cache tool(s) for .NET/C#?

Craig Cook - IBM19:10:49

Similar concept with VM's vs Containers. When it takes seconds to run a container vs mins to run a VM.

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Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:54

Exactly, other bottlenecks that can be freed up using technology

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:30

Wish I knew about this in my college Android class! I had an old computer and most of my time was spent building or loading the android studio

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:31

Are you presenting at Kubecon too?

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:31

Are you presenting at Kubecon too?

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:05

Lol didn't realize how soon it was, next year! πŸ™‚

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:40

yeah, this could be easily recycled, lots of the contents would be useful there too...

Craig Cook - IBM19:10:35

Long build times is also a flag you may need to break your app into smaller chunks.

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Craig Larsen - he/him - Solution Design Group Mpls19:10:15

@jreock I’m interesting in hearing more about DPE. I’m sure you’ll provide links at the end of this. Thanks for the talk! Good stuff, dude. Wish we were neighbors … we could have a beer and talk about this stuff. : )

🍺 2
Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:20

Thanks Craig we will reach out, happy to discuss! And who knows, maybe we can meet up at an event!

Ayse Altinsoy19:10:22

You can see us again in our hands-on workshop Introduction to Developer Productivity Engineering, by Raju Ghandi aka DPE Guru! Also, if you happen to be in Raleigh North Carolina, and join our Build Speed Challenge !

πŸ’― 2
Justin Abrahms (eBay)19:10:38

Good talk. Excited to hound our internal teams to see if we can use things like this. πŸ™‚

πŸ‘ 2
Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:47

My pleasure, thanks everyone for the excellent feedback and interaction!

πŸ‘ 6
Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:15

Please feel free to reach out, I can do lunch and learns on this stuff for your teams, etc!

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:38

hmm, that would not be a bad idea...

Justin Reock - Field CTO/Chief Evangelist - Gradle, Inc19:10:59

Happy to, we're trying to change the world with this stuff! πŸ™‚

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:00

πŸŽ‰ And now, we welcome speaker and IT Revolution author, @moonmaster9000 presenting A Radical Enterprise: Pioneering the Future of High Performance πŸŽ‰

πŸ‘ 3
Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:30

Thanks @annp! Hello everyone, I'll be here to answer questions and chat throughout the talk.

πŸ‘‹ 1
Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:25

I just grabbed the E-book looking forward to reading it...

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πŸ™ 2
Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:58

Are you going to do an IT Rev Book Club?

Leah Brown - IT Revolution19:10:33

Yes! The book comes out in February so we will likely have a book club around then. Stay tuned to IT Revolution for details!

πŸ‘ 2
Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:11

I would definitely do that if there was interest!

πŸ’― 2
πŸ‘€ 1
Leah Brown - IT Revolution19:10:46

We'll definitely do a book club!

Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:17

I’m looking forward to reading this book when fully published

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:46

This is a great subject! I've tried to find articles and podcasts about this before!

πŸ‘ 3
Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:59

Self-Organized Teams - This is great once you get people in the right mind set....

Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:43

…and it’s not new! But absolutely agree with you @mr.denver.martin

Nicole Forsythe19:10:43

Been a student of Morning Star for a while, love the company

πŸ‘ 2
Nicole Forsythe19:10:57

Humanizing Work teaches about them in their leadership training

❀️ 1
Nicole Forsythe19:10:58

Morning Star, Buurtzorg, Joint Special Operations Command, Zappos, and Favi

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:29

Does that mean tomato puree is exposed to the air outside??

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:39

Haw yes @glenn.wilson Deming will be mentioned shortly

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps for Salesforce19:10:55

Interesting parallel to the Chinese government itself, which has been described as the world’s largest venture capital fund. Haier seems to be doing something similar with this internal entrepreneurship approach

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:07

Amazing how forward thinking Deming was....

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:10

@dacahill7 haha mmmmm yum outside air

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:03

At this minute, Im thinking about bird poop getting in the tomatoes!

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:53

Awesome @nicole.forsythe --- have you gone through their trainings?

Nicole Forsythe19:10:29

All my certifications come through either Humanizing Work or Agile for All (same people). My mentors for sure!

πŸ‘ 1
Nicole Forsythe19:10:56

@moonmaster9000 I think Morning Star’s roots from the founder have made it happen. Have you seen any legacy company arc toward similar stuff?

Sara Gramling19:10:03

How does MorningStar manage things like contractual obligations/legal/etc? It sounds fascinating.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:21

WL Gore is a great example that most people don’t know about

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:34

@nicole.forsythe yep --- actually Haier is exactly that example (you can read about their transformation in the book a bit)

❀️ 1
Nicole Forsythe19:10:30

Neat! The other companies Humanizing Work call on are Faavi and Buurtzorg

Nicole Forsythe19:10:47

Which you’re talking about now. Small world!

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:17

haha totally. in the book, FWIW, I profile 5 technology organizations that I don't think are anywhere in the literature. So some new stuff πŸ˜„

❀️ 1
Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:21

You can also read a case study of a tech organization that transformed as well (called TIM Group, which @jtf was instrumental in!)

Ganga Narayanan19:10:40

Love this.. would love to read the book.

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πŸ™ 1
Leah Brown - IT Revolution19:10:41

You can grab the unedited advanced reader's copy of the book here:

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thankyou 1
Ganga Narayanan19:10:06

I remember coming across Buurtzog in a whitepaper about radically different organizations

Ganga Narayanan19:10:18

Thanks @leahb!

πŸ‘ 1
JosΓ© Chanto19:10:54

Hi @moonmaster9000. I wonder what is the attrition rate of such companies, not everyone is made to work in the wild

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:18

as a class, low attrition relative to other organizational archetypes

πŸ‘ 1
Ganga Narayanan19:10:43

I've been reading about purpose-driven organizations.. this is a great example

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:04

although for companies that have transformed towards radical collaboration (like Haier) there has been some (significant) forced attrition. Haier, for example, let 12,000 middle manager go in one fell swoop

Nicole Forsythe19:10:37

I’ve had consultants advise you’ll lose 25-30% of people in an Agile transformation

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:48

This is reminding me a little bit about how credit unions sell themselves as different from a bank.

Seth Tager - Salesforce19:10:01

Seems like it's moving toward a gig economy where the unit of employment is a small group rather than an individual.

Nicole Forsythe19:10:39

But the gig economy pushes cost and risk to the individual. From what I know, these models don’t.

πŸ‘ 1
Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:52

sounds like you’d actually need to talk with each other. πŸ™‚

Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:53

Probably the most important part of this is the phrase β€œintrinsic motivation”

πŸ‘ 1
Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM19:10:05

They have interviewed most of the companies you're referencing, check out the SoundCloud/Medium resources.

J Wright19:10:55

How do these companies hire in general? How can they ensure they hire top talent? Does hiring top talent actually matter for these companies?

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:38

I have stories about hiring in the book, but in many of them, the hiring process is left to the teams. How much skill people have when they are hired varies though, depending on need, like in pretty much in company I think.

❀️ 1
Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:08

@glenn.wilson : Theory Y suggests that motivation is intrinsic… but can be suppressed (or encouraged!) by the environment.

πŸ’― 1
Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:34

I forget who it was, but earlier this week I saw someone talking about if promotions is a demotivating factor instead of a motivating factor. Do you think your research is agreeing with that?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:05

which is why it is important to have a clear structure for how decisions can be made (like the advice process).

βœ… 1
Urvi Trivedi19:10:24

Is it like co-operative or community organization approach?

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:09

It's certainly collaborative, but no, I think when you peel back the hood on most of these companies, they look somewhat different from your neighborhood food co-op, for instance.

Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems19:10:12

@jtf Do you think your drinking game for DORA metrics would be more or less than a Deming drinking game?

πŸ˜„ 1
Andy Nelson19:10:57

only if MIT was involved...

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:50

at the moment DORA would crush. give @jwillis a bit more time and Deming will catch up. πŸ™‚

πŸ˜‚ 1
Andy Nelson19:10:20

That's profound insight

πŸ˜‚ 2
Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM19:10:44

@moonmaster9000 another q, does the term "intrapreneurship" come up in your research?

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:42

sort of --- however, most of these companies just use the term "entrepreneur" and "entrepreneurship" instead. or as Haier's CEO states, "At Haier, everyone can be their own CEO."

Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:20

@moonmaster9000 now you’re moving into the realms of Bertalanffy

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:37

Good to know! πŸ˜‰ <quickly googling Bertalanffy>

Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:02

He was a biologist who wrote about General System Theory and how humans are different from animals. He quotes Maslow among others.

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:59

@dacahill7 I think it can be demotivating when you have a model that only allows for a few promotions and not truly based on contribution and value they have to the organization. For example I had 4 engineers that should be promoted based on increase in skills, projects they lead and worked on, but was only allowed to promote 1... so 1 was happy 3 were not. I did something unique, I got all 4 in a room and laid out my problem that I can only promote 1, so we worked out as a group in transparent discussion who should be promoted.. even though they all should have been.

Joe Waid - Manager, Delivery Engineering - Columbia Sportswear19:10:07

That is impressive! It speaks to what a healthy dynamic you have on your team to be able to have that conversation so openly.

Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him19:10:31

yeah, I told them they only have to share what they want to share and not any more than what they are comfortable with... the 3 that were already at higher salary agreed that the underpaid peer should get the promotion, it was like they were accepting them into the their circle. it was a good feeling all around.

❀️ 5
Joe Waid - Manager, Delivery Engineering - Columbia Sportswear19:10:49

That’s amazing! I love that openness and safety. It’s something I aspire to do on my teams.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:11

here’s where I’d recommend Core Protocols. I like the Check-In protocol for this kind thing

❀️ 1
Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:40

not sure why more people don’t know about these…

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps for Salesforce19:10:29

The Core Protocols look really interesting. They need champions and people to help train others. They’ll need a network effect to take hold.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:52

And maybe timing? Perhaps there’s more interest in this subject than in 2015 when they were published as a book?

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps for Salesforce20:10:03

Maybe. I’m studying them now. They’re really rich, thoughtful, and interesting.

Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps for Salesforce20:10:25

Like a protocol for effective communication between humans, taking emotion into account

πŸ‘ 1
Andrew Davis - Copado - DevOps for Salesforce19:10:58

Very rich collection of ideas @moonmaster9000 thanks so much for your work in compiling and clarifying this

πŸ™ 1
Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations19:10:33

I ❀️ Argyris. Really the foundation of Agile Conversations.

❀️ 4
Daniel Cahill - Engineer - Ontario Systems01:10:06

I'm going through links I opened during the conference: Do you have a good starting point for his work? I see some books and papers but don't know where to start.

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations01:10:40

happy to offer others after that if you’re interested

Charlie Betz - Forrester Research - Principal Analyst, DevOps/ESM19:10:54

@moonmaster9000 are you past needing feedback on the book?

Matt K. Parker he/him (Speaker/Author)19:10:02

I always need feedback! But I also think I think what you're asking is it already past the point of peer feedback in the editing/publishing process and sadly the answer is yes

Leah Brown - IT Revolution19:10:06

Learn more about A Radical Enterprise here:

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Nicole Forsythe19:10:14

Best talk I’ve seen so far, I got the preprint - FANTASTIC. Thank you @moonmaster9000

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Glenn Wilson, Author of DevSecOps19:10:30

Thank you @moonmaster9000 - everyting you said resonates with me. I am so looking forward to reading your book

Andy Nelson19:10:47

πŸ‘ @moonmaster9000 looking forward to the book!


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