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Annie Manatad14:10:59

Happy Day 3 ☀️ Can’t believe it’s the last day already - we had a blast last night at our HH Trivia - thanks to all that joined! On today’s agenda: 1️⃣ Join us for a DevSecOps AMA with Anchore’s Senior Solutions Engineer, @hsmith starting at 10:50am CDT - join from our slack channel #xpo-anchore-devsecops 2️⃣ This is the LAST DAY to earn entries to WIN a 🖥️ to earn :admission_tickets: raffle :admission_tickets: entries!

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Brian Koenig14:10:00

Big congrats to our Happy Hour trivia winners! We will be reaching out shortly to issue your Amazon gift cards. Thanks again for joining! @sirisha.chalamalasett @mohamed.elmalah @james.snell @sayoola @paul.boerger

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Brandie Gerrish15:10:10

Coming up in just 10 minutes is 📣 Ask Me Anything 📣 with our engineer @hsmith about all things DevSecOps! Join us in the zoom room for some Q&A:;sa=D&amp;source=calendar&amp;ust=1634043308102201&amp;usg=AOvVaw2huJ4dSdGMjtF_jt7oFbH2 ID: 82759098782 Passcode: 6KvLR1Hx

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Will Kelly15:10:38

🖥️   You can also earn additional entries by visiting our booth, and attending our sessions.

Dave Mangot - DevOps transformation professional16:10:27

Thanks for sharing all your insights and teaching me about where Anchore fits in @hsmith.

Hayden Smith (Anchore)16:10:23

No problem! That was an awesome conversation. Really stoked we got to connect @dave. Maybe next time it will be in person at a real bar (hopefully not a bar at 930 am though)

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Brian Koenig17:10:19

💡Reminder that Anchore is still offering live demos 🖥️ Reply here and we can meet on video or schedule a time for after the event!

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