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Denver Martin, Dir DevSecOps, he/him01:10:11

Hi DevOps Mindset Peers, We are looking for talented people to join many areas of our company, DevOps, InfoSec, QA, Developers, PMO, and other areas too...

Keren Shmuely (Granulate)06:10:59

Will you be the next Granulator? Join us in building the first real-time continuous optimization platform in the world and check out our open position here:

Mike Snyder -RVCM14:10:58

Oteemo is rapidly growing. We're a small consultancy, but our approach and culture is different than many as we define our success through accelerating and enabling the growth of our customer engineering capabilities in lieu of creating dependence on us. We're hiring for both commercial and our DOD/ Federal practices - flexible to support 100% remote as well! We're hiring across the board from Platform Engineering, K8s Experts, Cloud-native application developers, Product owners, and more. If anyone would like to discuss, my phone is <tel:4108587706|410-858-7706>.

Anderson Tran14:10:23 is hiring for a multitude of roles in Engineering! Software Development, DevOps, SRE, Cloud Engineering, Security Engineering... perhaps one of our roles is for you! (US Persons only, please) Please reach out if you have any additional questions. ๐Ÿš€

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Lauren Kaye (Tasktop)16:10:07

Looking for your dream job? Tasktop are currently hiring for a number of positions in our Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, People, Security and Product Development teams. Check out all of our openings and apply online today!;utm_medium=booth&amp;utm_campaign=does-usa-21

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Michael Kingery (MetLife)16:10:34

MetLife, a Fortune 50 global insurance company, is hiring for a DevOps Engineer to join DevOps Platform team to help engineer a globally available, self-service platform for thousands of MetLife teams.

Randy Shoup16:10:45

Thanks to those of you who attended / watched the presentation ( on eBay yesterday with @markwei. If you or someone you know would be interested to come help us scale this DevOps transformation effort, please reach out to me here or at '<|>', or to Mark.

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John Hooper16:10:01

Hi All! Blameless is hiring <> with a strong emphasis on engineering, product, and reliability as we scale out our Team. Ping myself (@jhooper), @crystal, or @daanish for more information ๐Ÿ™‚

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Howdy folks! Lots of openings at RXNT - check us out!

Stuart R Ainsworth17:10:51

Jack Henry and Associates are hiring several new positions for a new initiative. Please let me know if I can answer any questions about JHA; it's a different business unit than mine, but sounds like an exciting set of opportunities. All of these opportunities offer full-time remote (#WFH) or in-office in most metropolitan areas. Job ID 9482: Software Engineering Manager: Cloud Platforms Job ID 9781: Lead Software Engineer (Full Stack) Job ID 9786: Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack) (3 positions) Job ID 9782: Senior DevOps Engineer Job ID 9747: Senior Software Engineer โ€“ QA Automation (2 positions) Job ID 9687: Senior Technical Business Analyst- Systems Integration (2 positions) Job ID 9376: Senior Technical Product Manager- Core Solutions (2 positions)

Valerie Blackburn17:10:20

Hi to all employers! Results-driven designer, developer extraordinaire seeking to leverage 15 - 20 years of marketing experience. Experienced in producing engaging online content and developing the best design solutions consistently utilizing art, technology and industry standards. To successfully apply educational design best practices with the ability to manage multiple projects successfully.

Girija Rao17:10:29

Capital One is hiring!ย Check out ourยย as well as these specific roles:;!!EFVe01R3CjU!M28bgzy3XR23Pk4kJnSiIfbDG5iirgK5G-l6ZgEzRJG0Te9oQzdxEv2XhRILc4e3iOw$;!!EFVe01R3CjU!M28bgzy3XR23Pk4kJnSiIfbDG5iirgK5G-l6ZgEzRJG0Te9oQzdxEv2XhRILKEVLJPc$;!!EFVe01R3CjU!M28bgzy3XR23Pk4kJnSiIfbDG5iirgK5G-l6ZgEzRJG0Te9oQzdxEv2XhRILwHsqkb4$;!!EFVe01R3CjU!M28bgzy3XR23Pk4kJnSiIfbDG5iirgK5G-l6ZgEzRJG0Te9oQzdxEv2XhRILlEGTCVU$;!!EFVe01R3CjU!M28bgzy3XR23Pk4kJnSiIfbDG5iirgK5G-l6ZgEzRJG0Te9oQzdxEv2XhRILmgiaclA$;!!EFVe01R3CjU!M28bgzy3XR23Pk4kJnSiIfbDG5iirgK5G-l6ZgEzRJG0Te9oQzdxEv2XhRILWB1yvks$

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Nitin Bhatia19:10:10

#hiring There's not much use for that hot new product if it never gets deployed or gets taken out due to it's many security vulnerabilities. Looking for DevOps and Cybersecurity leaders eager to see why these are two biggest areas of growth, please connect with me directly on if these domains excite you!

Brady Robinson - Director, SRE - Zocdoc22:10:42

๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi, friends! is growing and Iโ€™m looking for engineers in DevSecOps, DevOps, SRE, and several adjacent roles to join my teams and help deliver an amazing developer experience! Come help us build fast, easy, and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser! Great place, good people, growing company, remote workforce, and a huge open source community. Would love to chat more if youโ€™re interested!