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James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale00:10:28

<!here> TeamForm prize giveaway winners announced! Very pleased to announce that: • 🏆 @@stephen.kurzeja won the 50mins with Team Topologies - Matthew or Manuel - will be in touch to arrange an agreeable time • 🏆@rodriguessemensati.e won the next-gen console - obviously not out yet, will be in contact to discuss which console... • 🎁 Everyone else who attended the draw will receive a physical copy either Accelerate or Team Topologies, with the remainder of the 20 being drawn from the pool. If you've not had a chance to check out one of our demos... contact Founder @sam793 or <|>, on, or book a demo at a time that suits you here Hope you've had a great conference - we certainly have enjoyed it! The Team @ TeamForm.

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Eduardo Rodrigues Semensati (Procter and Gamble)00:10:23

holy cow! I think I used all my luck for the year in this event haha. Amazing, HUHUU

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Steve Kurzeja, CTO - Vocus00:10:22

Thanks TeamForm. Amazing! Keen to look more into the product too

James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale00:10:25

Well done @rodriguessemensati.e! I need some of that luck... I've never won anything (except for free ebooks and coffee cups!)

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James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale00:10:44

Thanks @stephen.kurzeja - appreciate it!

Vaidik Kapoor (Speaker) - Technology Consultant04:10:07

I dont know how I missed you guys. I would love to get a demo as well. Looks interesting for sure.

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Paul Sweet - Autodesk11:10:19

@james286 I attended the Zoom. When will you be reaching out to us about the free book?

James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale01:10:02

Hi @paul.sweet over the course of this week - hope that's ok?

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James (TeamForm) - helping teams at scale01:10:50

Hi @kapoor.vaidik - I know, how did you/ 🙂 will reach out separately. Thanks for the support!