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Matt Cobby (NAB)00:10:00

This is my 3rd DOES and 2nd one virtually. While I do miss the in person connections, the tyranny of distance makes it very hard for me to attend a physical event when I live in Australia. It also means we can hear from more people in different countries present their stories. Been so inspired by what I have heard here over these 3 days and a very timely Lean Coffee conversation about change and how you can't force it but should approach it like a gardener will help me make the best of what I have learnt.

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This is my first DOES, it's been a few years since I first heard about it and always wanted to participate. I am from Brazil with a small daughter, so traveling, + costs of the event and hotel, it was not so easy. When I realised that the event was becoming virtual this year, I couldn't miss the chance. Such an awesome event! And I love the remote format and the interactions in slack and zoom! It's so ... welcoming. I really really hope that you keep doing virtual editions like this one even after we all beat this pandemic, despite the fact that it will still be crazy awesome to meet this community in person someday.

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Federico San Martin01:10:34

This is not only my first DOES, but my first DevOps conference I have been. I started on this DevOps journey 2 years ago coming from an Infrastructure engineer role, everyday that passes I like this culture of work and practices even more and more, always new things to learn and to improve, and getting to know this community is part of that culture of continuous feedback and learning that DevOps talks about. It's just amazing and really glad I could be here! Hope we can meet next year in person!!! Thank you for a great DOES!

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Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations01:10:28

Fantastic cross-pollination of ideas. A major aha for me was thinking about leadership in a gardening style, and hearing about that from multiple angles. Thinking about how to make the change permanent had me thinking about permacuture… and what are we after? A sustainable culture of learning. So what kind of structures do we need? Learnaculture!

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Tania Miller-Jones (Australia), Enterprise DevOps Lead01:10:59

This was my first DOES and I loved it. I was all set to make the trip out to Vegas this year and bought a ticket early - oh well - hopefully I will be able to talk my very talented and handsome bosses to let me go next year 😉. Living in Perth Australia is literally the WORST timezone for this event but I’m pleased that I got to attend a few chats and will be making sure to get through all the magnificent content in the next week. Thank you @genek101 and the rest of the splendid team! ❤️ :unicorn_face: :flag-au: ❤️

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Ganga Narayanan04:10:34

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble, it is what you know that ain't so." -- Mark Twain. I remembered this quote in Don Reinertsen's book. Here's to all the trouble-makers and those who keep getting in trouble with the status quo! Don't give up! 🙂

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Tom Coudyzer11:10:42

This was my 2nd attendance and although it was way out of my timezone (CET) I didn’t want to miss any of this because I got so touched by the insights and talks and not to forget the community. The DOES20 Las Vegas talked about CI, CD and even CU but I witnessed also the presence of CL (continuous learning). I felt I grew in my DevOps journey between DOES20 London and Las Vegas. This conference just added a complete additional chapter in my DevOps handbook. Thank you 🙏@genek101 and the whole staff for this wonderful conference and thank you, thank you so much to this whole community. You rock! 🙏🙏 ❤️:unicorn_face:

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