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Reminder: We’d love for you to share the videos from the DevOps Enterprise Summit with others. To find out how to do that, see @genek101’s post here…


Reminder: Please submit your feedback for the talks you attended. It’s so valuable for us and the speakers. And after all, feedback is a gift and sharing is caring!


Reminder: The videos of all the plenary and breakout talks are all available now. View them at The slides are available for download, too! Dropbox: GitHub:

Molly Coyne (Sponsorship Director / ITREV)00:10:26

🎉 This was quite the busy week and there was much to see and discover! If you didn't get the time you wanted to wander into the Expo Hall and peruse all that our fantastic sponsors have prepared for you, we've got some good news! The Expo Hall will be open throughout this weekend!  Read the reports, check out the many white papers and enjoy the videos. Have fun! 🎉

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Geri O'Toole00:10:13

closing remarks?

Stuart R Ainsworth00:10:42

@genek101 mentioned they were queuing them up

Rob Cuddy - DevSecOps Evangelist00:10:00

It took all the way until the very end of the event to have a DevOops experience... #progress 😂

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Janet Pollard00:10:50

how do you get access to the library after the 7 days?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:29

Hi Janet - you will have continued access via your registration. Nothing will change : )

Janet Pollard00:10:19

thank you I thought we only had access for 7 days?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:15

So sorry - too much happening. Yes, you'll have access for 7 days post conference. And then, we have plans in the works. Here's a link:

Adam Hawkins, SRE at Skillshare, Host00:10:16

Oh man. I think this slack just crossed the plan limits too!

Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution00:10:28

Livin’ that virtual life, man.

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Thomas DuBuisson00:10:14

Maximum of 100 participants - I can not join.

JeremyDouglas - Catapult PR00:10:28

One sec...I think it'll open shortly...

Use other profile00:10:05

<!here> closing remarks!!!! (Passcode: 404510)

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JeremyDouglas - Catapult PR00:10:37

pro tip: copy the passcode first

Topo pal00:10:59

Passcode in clear text!!!!

Pete Nuwayser - IBM00:10:06

Kudos @alex for being such a cool cucumber 🥒

Bryan Finster - Walmart (Speaker)00:10:53

Can we review the post mortem @patrick.debois?

Pete Nuwayser - IBM00:10:43

THANKS @mvk842

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Brian Marshall - CarMax00:10:46

Thank you @mvk842!

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Dana Finster - Walmart InfoSec (Speaker)00:10:02

Thank you @mvk842 !!!

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Joseph Laihee00:10:10

Thank you, @mvk842!

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Topo pal00:10:26


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Jesse Getzie (Liatrio)00:10:29

Thank you! @mvk842

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Bob E. Rion00:10:15

Thank You @mvk842 💯

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Anna Noak (she/her) - IT Revolution00:10:27

Thank you everyone, from the IT Revolution publishing side for all of the enthusiasm you share for the books, papers, and materials we produce. We hope you enjoy our newest releases and please share your thoughts with us on our social media: Twitter @itrevbooks and on Amazon and Goodreads.

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Denee (de-NAY) Ferguson - Director, Technology - Capital One (Speaker)00:10:07

@genek101 Richard Fairbank/CEO Capital One is an amazing speaker!

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Topo pal01:10:28

I think this was planned 🙂

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Margueritte Kim (CEO, IT Revolution)01:10:44

As someone averse to danger, I assure this was not!!!

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Well done for all and thank you!:thumbsup::skin-tone-2:

Dave Mangot - DevOps transformation professional01:10:08

Check the #happy-hour channel, just sayin'

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Ryan McGrail01:10:11

Thanks! Another awesome event, and I actually thought the ending was better this way!

Tom Coudyzer01:10:17

Thank you so much @genek101 , staff and the whole community. This was so great to with a lot of new learnings/insights and getting that community feeling again!

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Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)01:10:41

For anyone who wants to see the last couple of minutes of @eileencodes’s amazing talk, you can see it here: For anyone who wanted to see the original closing remarks (:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:) for the conference, you can see it here: Take care, everybody! See you soon!

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...and this is why on conference days, I wear my Unicorn Project socks... and brown pants... cc @mvk842

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Dana Finster - Walmart InfoSec (Speaker)02:10:02

+5 saving throws for the win. @genek101 !!!


Hahahah!! 1. That was MAKING your saving throw?!? 😆 I thought that was a FAILING SAVING THROW! (Although, in all seriousness, it could have been much worse…. 🙂 2. Why couldn’t it have been a NETWORK outage, where I had +7 modifier? 🙂

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Pete Nuwayser - IBM17:10:33

Third Book in the Series: The Dragon Project, centered on The Seven Deep Breaths of Incident Response

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Dana Finster - Walmart InfoSec (Speaker)20:10:25

Good example of failing fast in a safe space :)

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio06:10:05

Hi team. Good morning. Quick question please . Can I share this link and some video links in Linkedin?

Paula Thrasher - PagerDuty13:10:22

I had the same question - are you ok with putting this in a Social Media post? And people who did not attend can still purchase the video access pass, right?

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio13:10:39

The idea that I have is publish the video links and the link above in a linkedin post : )

Paula Thrasher - PagerDuty14:10:46

@annp are ya'll ok with the links for the trial being posted more broadly? Thanks 🙏

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:21

Hi Paula! Still stumbling around a bit this morning – let me check in with the team, we have a wrap-up call in a couple of hours. I will let you know ASAP. Thank you, thank you!!

Paula Thrasher - PagerDuty15:10:14

No worries. I'm actually amazing anyone on the IT Rev Team is even alive enough to work today after all that 😜

Michael Kingery (MetLife)13:10:57

Is there a group of enterprise level DevOps organizations that get together on the regular to talk about transformation, direction, issues? I belong to the DevOps Dojo Consortium but that's more specific to dojos. Gartner also had a thing going but I haven't seen anything from there in a while.

Michael Kingery (MetLife)13:10:57

Is there a group of enterprise level DevOps organizations that get together on the regular to talk about transformation, direction, issues? I belong to the DevOps Dojo Consortium but that's more specific to dojos. Gartner also had a thing going but I haven't seen anything from there in a while.

James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect13:10:14

It would be great if there was

Nick Eggleston (free radical)13:10:13

Good morning first day post-conf

Topo pal13:10:28

Long ago I was involved in the Gartner thing - it died down after a few months. I don’t know if it is still there. FINOS ( has started one. @jennifer.hansen proposed the same thing in her panel discussion. @genek101 is aware that there are some interests. The challenges are of course (a) busy schedules (b) role/job changes (c) typical org “red tapes”..

Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]14:10:31

A great three days, kudos to IT Rev. I'm missing the learning fire hose. As an experiment we are creating a Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (BVSSH) Community (individuals) and a BVSSH Consortium (member firms). The goal is ongoing, regular, shared learning, sharing antipatterns and patterns. If you'd like to be part of the Community and or Consortium, register your interest

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Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]14:10:50

@mkingery @james.simon1

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David - BBY16:10:47

I'm interested - really enjoyed your session and AMA, and continuing the conversation would be welcome

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Andrew Tam23:10:54

Same! I’m interested!

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James Simon, FCA, Solution Architect15:10:46

Is a slack community happening for this?

Jon Smart [Sooner Safer Happier]09:10:52

@james.simon1 that is the intent, yes

Oscar Velasquez14:10:29

Goog morning, the videos of conferences in Library, Have expiration time? or Can I see them at any time?

Nick Eggleston (free radical)14:10:40

1 week. There’s an option to buy longer access.

Steve E14:10:02

previous years were uploaded to the itrev youtube channel, is that not occuring this year?

Nick Eggleston (free radical)14:10:23

I’m not sure when 2020 content will roll on to YouTube... @genek101?

Dominic Laycock14:10:42

Did I see mentioned somewhere that access would expire after 7 days? But that there would be options for extending that and/or being able to share videos more broadly

Dominic Laycock14:10:27

Heh, so yeah I did, ^^ what Nix said

Nick Eggleston (free radical)14:10:38

Gene did mention a NYT-like paywall, where a limited number of views would be available. I think it’s a work in progress...

Rich B - DevOps is my career change15:10:44

7 days is a very short amount of time to make available, there is a lot to digest. I am trying to get approval for the 500 bucks but that is not guaranteed.

Nick Eggleston (free radical)02:10:28

I agree. It’s hard to find time since often there’s already a backlog of work right after the conference. I think they are trying to figure out what makes sense, so giving feedback would be good

Rich B - DevOps is my career change12:10:52

yep - and my request for 500 bucks just got denied :face_palm:. I would say at least 2 if not 4 weeks would be reasonable. But I will do my best to absorb all i can over the next week while trying to catch up at work at the same time!

Nick Eggleston (free radical)03:10:38

I feel your pain. The primary persona for the in person conference is companies sending the folks to Vegas or London, and the pricing seems to be designed to capture value from that funding source. Makes sense. But it definitely presents a barrier when self-funding the experience (or when the company has very limited budget).

Rich B - DevOps is my career change12:10:15

likely would not have been able to attend at all in-person. I was denied last year

Dan Wright14:10:11

Great conference! I learned some amazing things, and connected with some amazing people. Got off to a good start in terms of walking the talk, when the conference opened and some people had challenges with video controls like not being able to go full-screen ... and you pushed changes to production within TEN MINUTES to fix it! Now that's continuous deployment!

Dan Wright15:10:53

Only improvements I would suggest for future conferences, if they still happen to be virtual, would be around scheduling. Not having 5 minute breaks between sessions caused problems when one session ran a little long: either the next speaker in the track got less time, or you missed content if the next session you wanted to catch was in a different track. Also since the conference was only virtually in Las Vegas, some aspects of the schedule didn't work well for people in other North American time zones. (I say this as someone who lives in Central and has 99% of my coworkers in Pacific, so I'm used to working across zones). Pacific time got a nice hourlong lunch break, but for Central and Eastern the "morning" break was closest to our normal lunchtimes, and was half an hour. I think there simply have to be two one-hour breaks. Also, I have the impression that a lot of East Coast people had already dropped by the end-of-the day wrap-up at 7:30/8:30 in their time zones. I know some of these issues are due to a desire to pack as much content as possible, and for that I'm grateful. All this means a cross-North-American conference like this probably needs to start by 8:00 Pacific. Again, hopefully it really will be in-person next year and won't matter,

Nick Eggleston (free radical)21:10:49

Completely agree about having a buffer between sessions... maybe 10 minutes. Eliminating the long breaks for “lunch” should make the total timing balance out. Being virtual, there’s no need for such breaks and it unnecessarily ties the event to a particular time zone. It would be interesting to experiment with not starting the next session until the q&a died naturally and/or allowing the viewing community to pause the streaming of the video (“andon cord”) to make the q&a more real-time-alighted with the material in the main stream. This is kind of what @genek101 does in the Idealcasts, which is a very nice addition to the normal uninterrupted flow of the podcast. Just need to scale it. And maybe add voice/video too? Iterate, experiment, test, feedback — repeat. I’d love to guinea pig this stuff

Sam Larson - Engineering Director at OneNeck15:10:13

+1 on Dan's comments around scheduling. Obviously no schedule will work for everyone. That said, it would be nice to schedule as many of the real-time-only events (AMAs, BOFs, Lean Coffee, etc.) as possible between 8am and 2pm PST so they're during business hours for everyone in the US mainland.

Nick Eggleston (free radical)21:10:58

I’d like to see some experimentation around reducing the number of parallel, isolated items during networking time... or perhaps a leaderboard or dashboard showing the number of and movement of people between “rooms” or “zooms”, the ability to flip between multiple rooms, to “follow” someone from room to room and some kind of system to get notified when certain topics come up in a room so one can jump in... Lots of room for experimentation 😊

Sam Larson - Engineering Director at OneNeck15:10:34

Also +1 to the "great conference" comment!

Rob Parkhill, Director SW Engineering, Hexagon AP17:10:00

I'm re-watching one of the talks this morning, and I'm really missing the slack channel banter! This was such a great online experience, much better than I was expecting.

🙌 7
Nick Eggleston (free radical)21:10:31

It would be awesome if we could copy the slack chat into the closed captioning of the video in post production...


😂😂😂 I’m hoping to prototype a video player that will replay the slack traffic. Wish me luck! It will use the same database as the Slack archive.

👍 1

We were experimenting with pulling in Slack messages below the video player, but we ran out of time. Next time, hopefully!! Cc @patrick.debois256

Nick Eggleston (free radical)02:10:35

That’s wonderful! Happy to help where possible. 😊

Ron S17:10:31

I did like when someone would ask a question, in the middle of the talk, and the presenter would answer back, in real time.

Chris Gallivan, FCA, Builder of JOY19:10:13

The sharing has begun...FiatChysler Kata Friday on the topic of Kessel Run and John Cutlers speech, followed by a lean coffee !

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Jack Vinson - flow19:10:30

I can't believe all the good stuff this week. And I only managed to get to ~1/3 of the sessions. I am already seeing topics show up in other conversations with colleagues. Context. Safety. and of course flow, flow, flow. Thanks again @genek101 and everyone.

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Chris Gallivan, FCA, Builder of JOY20:10:12

That’s what that rapid slack reminded me of