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Goudy S00:10:45

Is "closing remarks" section cancelled?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:56

I believe that they're coming up - working on it!

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:20


Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:16

GO TO TRACK ONE for closing remarks!!

Goudy S00:10:32

for closing remarks 😞

Ann Perry - IT Revolution00:10:45

Hang on with me, @sgowdilyan!

Use other profile00:10:12

New closing remarks link!

Sijy Prakasan - Chief Catalyst - Catalink01:10:21

How do we have access to the videos for anything more than the 7 days

Sijy Prakasan - Chief Catalyst - Catalink01:10:07

I was hoping that the complimentary offer was for 2-3 weeks…especially for us in Australia …the timezoen challenges with the event timing is big

Sijy Prakasan - Chief Catalyst - Catalink01:10:46

Thanks for the wonderful event organisation

Ann Perry - IT Revolution01:10:54

Thank you, Sijy, I'm so glad that you were here with us. Stay tuned for more information and hope to see you next year!

Dave Shepherd16:10:27

@annp Any update on the 1 year library subscription for an entire org? I purchased this last week but haven't received any further communication.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:56

Hi Dave - Yes! We'll have more to share by the end of the day, I have you on my list. Thank you for your patience!

Dave Shepherd19:10:37

@annp Hi Ann. Checking in on the 1 year library subscription for an entire org I purchased. We had great participation at the event with over 50 people attending and I want to get some momentum going with various product teams throughout our org.

Ann Perry - IT Revolution19:10:32

Hi @david_shepherd - Looping in my colleague, @alex who can help with your org pass!

Use other profile19:10:40

Hi @david_shepherd — I wrote you an email with the instructions about 1 hour ago — did you receive it?

Dave Shepherd19:10:34

I do not see an email from you. Checked my clutter and junk folders as well as my inbox.

Dave Shepherd19:10:52

@alex Can you please confirm my email <|>

Dave Shepherd19:10:46

@alex was there any kind of attachment that might have caused it to get snagged by our email filters?

Use other profile19:10:47

Sent directly from me at <|>

Use other profile19:10:30

Hmm, let’s switch to DM and figure out what’s happening.

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio06:10:13

Hi team. Good morning. Quick question please . Can I share this link and some video links in Linkedin?


Yep! They’re there to be shared. More sharing options coming. Thx for asking!

Steph Troesser13:10:32

For how long will we have access to the library to re-watch our favorite sessions?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution14:10:12

Hi Steph – you'll have access for another 7 days. I hope that you enjoyed the conference!

Spencer Hale, Cincinnati Insurance Company, IT Resource Manager15:10:52

How do we get access to the video presentations for download?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution15:10:07

Hi Spencer – you can access the videos in our library, but they're not downloadable:

Spencer Hale, Cincinnati Insurance Company, IT Resource Manager16:10:13

Hey Ann! I heard a couple times during the conference that there was a way to get longer access and to share with our companies. Is that not a possibility?

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:11

There is! We will send out more information on accessing the package once viewing ends for our regular conference pass on 10/23 but here's the basic info:

Jorge Luis Castro Toribio16:10:50

is it available to get access to all the slides? Thanks

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:56

Hi Jorge – we're working on getting those last few in, shouldn't be too much longer!

Philip Day17:10:21

Thanks! Could you @ - here please when finished

Philip Day17:10:12

This file in the Breakouts in the Dropbox doesn't open on Windows, and is too large for free online converters: Darren Henry - Crush Incidents with DevOps Agility.key

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:43

Thank you for the heads up, Philip! I'll let our team know right now...

Philip Day17:10:28

The Breakouts file Matt K. Parker - Parker-Matt10-15_1210_Version-2.pptx_ only contains the intro silde (this is probably my #1 favourite talk btw)

Ann Perry - IT Revolution17:10:02

Roger that, we'll get it fixed. And I'll let Matt know : )

Philip Day17:10:26

Thanks! (He's got my fanboy spam already :))

Philip Day23:10:11

Still only 1 slide for Matt Parker's pptx in the dropbox. Same problem for Tiana Jones, The Observable Universe

Ann Perry - IT Revolution16:10:05

Hi Philip - yes, our apologies. We are tracking the full set down and will upload later today. Thanks so much for your patience!

Philip Day17:10:57

Great thanks!

Philip Day17:10:16

I haven't gone through them all so might be more

Jess Meyer - IT Revolution (she/her)19:10:43

@philipday We think most of the slide decks should be ok, but that you for letting us know about these two. I am attaching the Tiani Jones' presentation and it will be added to GitHub/Drobpox.

Jess Meyer - IT Revolution (she/her)17:10:58

@philipday Here is Matt Parker's slide deck

Nick - developer at BNPP21:10:08

Hello. Are the videos available for download? And what is the policy for using slides and videos? I’d like to make some presentations for my team Can I reuse the materials from dropbox and library?