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Raj Fowler08:06:24

Good morning, afternoon, evening <!here>

Raj Fowler08:06:09

I will be hosting the session later. I am the Director for Enterprise Services at DevOpsGroup and work with multiple enterprise organisations in the their devops transformation. I have 20 years experience in a large multi-national and ran IT services for over 50,000 people and led a successful DevOps Transformation. Working with some great people, I help teams reduce software lead times from months to minutes:

Raj Fowler08:06:31

For the session today, I would like to position the new normal as follows:

Raj Fowler08:06:47

Theme #1: Operational Resilience: What capabilities are being implemented to improve Operational Resilience (e.g. Cloud adoption, remote working, improved BCP)

Raj Fowler08:06:08

Theme #2: Operational Efficiency: What capabilities are being implemented to improve efficiency (e.g. process automation, Robotics, etc)

Raj Fowler08:06:17

Theme #3: Information Security: What capabilities are being implemented to improve security (e.g. automated governance, embedded security, etc)

Raj Fowler08:06:24

Theme #4: Faster Insights and Decisions: What capabilities are being embedded to improve decision making (e.g. data analytics, machine learning, etc)

Raj Fowler08:06:31

Theme #5: Customer Experience: What capabilities are being implemented to receive and respond to customer digital needs faster

Raj Fowler08:06:36

Feel free to pop your thoughts and ideas in the channel for each of the above or feel free to add discussion points for the session on the JamBoard we will use for the session:

Raj Fowler08:06:27

Please note the Chatham House Rule for the session:

Raj Fowler08:06:25

Zoom details for the session later: Raj Fowler is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 971 8982 9242 Password: &AgHE9 One tap mobile <tel:+442034815240,,97189829242#,,,,0#,,516864#|+442034815240,,97189829242#,,,,0#,,516864#> United Kingdom <tel:+442080806591,,97189829242#,,,,0#,,516864#|+442080806591,,97189829242#,,,,0#,,516864#> United Kingdom Dial by your location <tel:+442034815240|+44 203 481 5240> United Kingdom <tel:+442080806591|+44 208 080 6591> United Kingdom <tel:+442080806592|+44 208 080 6592> United Kingdom <tel:+443300885830|+44 330 088 5830> United Kingdom <tel:+441314601196|+44 131 460 1196> United Kingdom <tel:+442034815237|+44 203 481 5237> United Kingdom <tel:08000315717|0 800 031 5717> United Kingdom Toll-free <tel:08002605801|0 800 260 5801> United Kingdom Toll-free <tel:+16468769923|+1 646 876 9923> US (New York) <tel:+16699006833|+1 669 900 6833> US (San Jose) <tel:+12532158782|+1 253 215 8782> US (Tacoma) <tel:+13017158592|+1 301 715 8592> US (Germantown) <tel:+13126266799|+1 312 626 6799> US (Chicago) <tel:+13462487799|+1 346 248 7799> US (Houston) <tel:+14086380968|+1 408 638 0968> US (San Jose) <tel:8778535257|877 853 5257> US Toll-free <tel:8884754499|888 475 4499> US Toll-free <tel:+912248798012|+91 224 879 8012> India <tel:+912264802722|+91 226 480 2722> India <tel:+912271279525|+91 22 71 279 525> India <tel:+914064802722|+91 406 480 2722> India <tel:+914464802722|+91 446 480 2722> India <tel:+918064802722|+91 806 480 2722> India <tel:+918071279440|+91 80 71 279 440> India <tel:+911164802722|+91 116 480 2722> India <tel:+912248798004|+91 22 48 798 004> India <tel:0008000401530|000 800 040 1530> India Toll-free <tel:0008000505050|000 800 050 5050> India Toll-free Meeting ID: 971 8982 9242 Password: 516864 Find your local number:

Raj Fowler08:06:08

Looking forward to discussing with you later 🙂

Simon Williams09:06:02

If anyone is interested in chatting with some of the GitLab team about remote we're going to host an "Ask Us Anything" at 10:50 BST, - "The GitLab Inc. team consists of the following 1306 team members and their We're the world's largest and we currently have team members in"

Nick Eggleston15:06:11

Great conversation everyone! 🙂

Raj Fowler15:06:34

<!here> Thank you for everyone who has taken part over the last few days. I trust these have been insightful and have inspired new thoughts that will lead to action back at base as we emerge from the shadow of the Pandemic It was good to talk about a number of different topics today but honing on the issue of Trust in the organisation and thats the key thing I took away - Before we all snap back to the old ways or establish the new ways, we all need to take a step back and think purposefully about the world we want to live in.. In this world we need to be empathetic of how people interact and develop the environment and working practices enabled by the right technologies to cater for the differing needs of our people. Thanks for sharing everyone 🙏