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If anyone has any security related questions let me know and we can set-up a session in our booth or dedicated overviews next week. We can book Aqua Security DevSecOp folks (@liz@stephen.giguere@benjy.portnoy) to discuss one of the following topics, join us on zoom .on your topic of choice: Securing microservices in runtime   glitch_crab Securing cloud native infrastructure   shipit Starting cloud native security with opensource tools   :fencer: Securing your images 101   🥊 Container security checklist   ✔️ Cloud native evasion and exploitation   💥 (Death by) Vulnerability Management

Stewart Osborne13:06:04

<!here> less than 20 minutes to go before this week's final Security and Audit Compliance BoF session. Have a look at the Jamboard for some inspiration and feel free to add your own discussion points in advance!

Stewart Osborne13:06:47

<!here> the zoom session is now open