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Christian Knuth09:05:58

@christina_yakomin Very interesting and good presentation! We're only at the begging of our DevOps Journey and I wonder how you managed to 'transform' the management expectation to deliver faster, better more from day one of the DevOps Journey to something like 'Let them learn, productivity drop for a while to increase much more after the first DevOps practices are in place'. How did you dress this? (unless this was not topic with your management/business)

Christian Knuth09:05:57

Excuses for bad spelling! Seems my spellchecker made things worse than I really am 🙂 (coming from Germany).

Christina Yakomin11:05:31

I don't have one straightforward answer to this, because it continues to be a challenge even today. Early evangelism efforts were focused around the long-term benefits, and we did our best to roll-out the DevOps approach iteratively so that we could demonstrate small successes and build a better business case. For example, we brought applications on to the private cloud microservice platform really slowly at first, just a few teams at a time. After overcoming the initial learning curve, the deployment frequency of those teams skyrocketed, and developer productivity was up. By the time we were halfway through rollout of the microservice platform, leaders were practically begging to have their teams be part of the next wave.

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Christian Knuth11:05:45

Will try to adopt this (find small areas where you can show success and then take the next step)! Seems you did a pretty good job there! Congrats!🎉

Benedict Dodd13:05:58

I would add that we have a key role in this journey as story tellers and explorers. So framing the steps forward as bets or experiments and gathering data about the before and after is very impactful. Obviously avoid baselining for months at the cost of progress, but a combination of the human and cultural narrative and as much data as possible is a powerful tool to gain trust and build momentum

Robbie Daitzman - Vanguard (Speaker - he/him)13:05:03

Agree with @ben.dodd that being able to frame out the story as a journey you're on is invaluable to help manage expectations. This is also a situation where having technical engineering managers who have lived it also are so important 😃

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Benedict Dodd13:05:01

A marketing / sales hat of some size that you can put on every now and then is going to be the extent that some basic training in sales / marketing / negotiation isn't a bad investment

Benedict Dodd13:05:34

I also remember doing 2 days training with and he saying that his first port of call was with finance & the FD. I also had this experience at a global financial organisation, in that because DevOps spans OpEx and CapEx and challenges the financial models organisations use, at some point someone is going to have to understand / interact with that part of the business when thinking about planning / finances / outputs / targets / throughput