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Jude Wellington14:05:26

Hello delegates! We are in the final stretch of another amazing DOES EU conference. Here are some reminders to get the most out of our participation this year: • This is your last chance to enter our drawing for the $200USD E-gift card We will be announcing the winner during the final break of the conference. Good luck! • Head over to CloudBees booth and make sure you've had a chance to download our whitepapers, watch the, and schedule a meeting with one of our experts. After you check everything out, answer this one question: How can these solutions solve a problem in your organization? • Make sure you head over to the library and watch our talks: ◦

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Jude Wellington16:05:58

🐝 Congratulations, Richard Remmington, you are the winner of the BOSE HEADPHONES!!! 👏:skin-tone-4:👏:skin-tone-4:👏:skin-tone-4:🎉 🐝 Congratulations, Jason Donnelly, you are the winner of the $200USD E-gift card!! Woohoo!! If you are still in the conference, please meet up with us in Gather just to the left of the DOES logo where you see (8) go-carts in the seating area. See you there before the conference ends. If you've left the conference, @hsimpson will reach out to you to get the details to ship your prize! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS! We hope everyone enjoyed DOES EU 2022! Looking forward to staying connected. See you next year! Cheers! 🥂👏:skin-tone-4:🐝🎉

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Jude Wellington17:05:40

🐝 Thank you to all of the delegates that visited our booth, popped into our Slack channel, and watched our sessions! 🐝 Thank you DOES EU team! You were amazing to work with. 🐝 See you in Las Vegas for DOES US in October 18-20! Cheers to you all:clinking_glasses:👏:skin-tone-4:❤️

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Jude Wellington17:05:39

That's a wrap! "Bee" well. Peace.