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Elena Sheveleva08:05:45

Hello DOES and lets connect for good! "You might have read The Phoenix Project, or have come across "sooner, safer, happier", a small insight on what it has been like forging new ways of working… There is rarely a good time for transformation, however, evolving with an agile mindset and using DevOps principles are certainly key for the future of the business. Discovering the joy of "aha!" moments and re-igniting the passion for development have been a wonderful part of the journey. This talk walks through the experience as a "newbie" on the transformation journey and key aspects that stood out! Have you found your Eric? Let me share my experience with you, join my "We connect for good" today at 12.50 BST!"

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Elena Sheveleva09:05:23

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Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (DMs welcome)14:05:31

Hi @esheveleva is there a link to the recording you can share?

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Elena Sheveleva13:05:01

@nickeggleston please send me an email reminder to <|> and i will make sure to share the recording with you. Thank you.

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Elena Sheveleva10:05:07

This is the great opportunity for you today to ask me absolutely anything about DevOps, Security and beyond it- join the session at 12.20 BST using the!

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