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Cora Bejan09:05:14

🎉 Snyk is excited for Day 3 of DOES! 🌟 Visit and chat with our team 🔈 Join Snyk today for a Live Demo in at 2pm and 4pm BST -- meet us at the Solutions Hub in space number 4!

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Cora Bejan13:05:56

@eric.fernandez886 will be doing a Live Demo of the Snyk Plaform in a couple of minutes from 14.00 pm - 14.30 pm BST on the Gather Platform. You can find in the Solutions Hub on table 4 - feel free to join and have a chat with us.

Cora Bejan15:05:12

@eric.fernandez886 is back with the Live Demo from 16.00 - 16.30 BST in the Solutions Hub on table 4 - we'd love to see you there!