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Andrea Giardina08:06:30

Hi all, today Kendra Little (MS MVP) is hosting a happy hour at 6pm BST. Join the to chat about how to improve both speed and quality in database engineering, share your pain points, and get tips on identifying and conquering your biggest constraints no matter where you are starting. We'll have insights from industry leading research to share and since it's happy hour, it will be in a fun and interactive format!

Simon sabin12:06:06

Meeting details for today

Simon sabin12:06:08

Simon Sabin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: DOES2020 - Devops and Data BofF - Wendesday Time: Jun 24, 2020 02:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 951 7348 6607 One tap mobile <tel:+14086380968,,95173486607#|+14086380968,,95173486607#> US (San Jose) <tel:+16468769923,,95173486607#|+16468769923,,95173486607#> US (New York) Dial by your location <tel:+14086380968|+1 408 638 0968> US (San Jose) <tel:+16468769923|+1 646 876 9923> US (New York) <tel:+16699006833|+1 669 900 6833> US (San Jose) <tel:+12532158782|+1 253 215 8782> US (Tacoma) <tel:+13017158592|+1 301 715 8592> US (Germantown) <tel:+13126266799|+1 312 626 6799> US (Chicago) <tel:+13462487799|+1 346 248 7799> US (Houston) Meeting ID: 951 7348 6607 Find your local number:

Simon sabin13:06:53

<!here> Call will start in 10 minutes to discuss Data DevOps. Great conversations yesterday. How to make data science adopt Devops, how to deal with Oracle and SQL zero downtime deployments, issues with large data sets. and more. Come along and join the discussion

Simon sabin13:06:00

Call in progress get on and talk about your data stuff

Johan Tegler14:06:55

What about different data models? In the link there are more than ten models. Is it easier to have DevOps with graph models compared to relational?

Scott Prugh (DOES Prog Committee)14:06:22

Database change management: Database changes don’t slow teams down if they follow a few key practices, including storing database changes as scripts in version control (and managing these changes the same way as production application changes), making database changes visible to everyone in the software delivery lifecycle (including engineers), and communicating with all parties when changes to the application require database changes.

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)14:06:08

Discussed: SAN technology largely solves these problems. And it’s already paid for. But those are owned by other groups. So some find it easier to buy a tool rather than collaborate. 🤯

Johan Tegler14:06:04

Different kind of data Ortelius Structured, semi structured and non structured data Stardog

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)14:06:25

Need to be looking for tools that integrate well with version control. Not many out there do that.

Johan Tegler14:06:39

Scott Ambler has written about Agile Data and faster DBAs

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)14:06:14

Front your datastores with APIs to allow refactoring of the db behind the API

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)14:06:45

Big challenge in data and automation: when you’re a dev, you can dev your way out of a problem. when you’re a data (person), you don’t usually know how to do that. so we need to add dev skills to data people or pair dev and data.

Jeff Gallimore (CTIO - Excella)15:06:19

Major version releases of software is now (largely) a marketing thing because of new software delivery models. But change management and capacity for users to learn is still a big consideration.

Kendra Little15:06:02

thanks @simon for moderating! And to everyone for a great chat

Simon sabin16:06:06

Enjoyable call today, thanks folks


Sorry, I missed this yesterday. This subject is close to my heart as developer. I wrote about the challenges and some thoughts here: