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Rohan Kissun09:06:48

Hi Everyone! My name is Rohan, I am a Solutions Engineer based in London :uk:, working with our Enterprise customers to understand how Slack can help drive a DevOps culture across their teams. I will be hosting a demo on “Slack for Software Development Teams” at 11am. Feel free to join both the zoom and our channel #xpo-slack-does-devops if you have any questions on how Slack. Have a great day and enjoy the conference! slack

Aoife O'Brien09:06:04

👋 Welcome to Day 2 of DevOps Enterprise Summit. We are so happy to be here! Welcome to Slack’s Slack channel, here’s all you need to know about what we are up to today • See our Virtual Booth 🏠 • You can connect with us here in channel slack or via (PW 057888🎥  between 11-4pm today. You who will be available to chat and when, below. • 🎙️ *at 11.50 on Thursday 25th! V Brennan* who leads our EMEA Engineering Team in Dublin will be delivering a session on How Engineering doe DevOps with Slack. See all details • You can download our ebook* and be in with a chance of winning some *Slack socks!! 🧦Ask us questions!  We would love to hear what you are working on and how Slack can help! 🌅 Morning: 10:55-12:25 1. Rohan Kissun - Staff Database Reliability Engineer 2. Colm Doyle - Developer Relations Lead EMEA 3. Harriet Niland - Account Executive 4. Ricardo Lorenzo - Staff Database Reliability Engineer 🥗 Lunch:  12:25-13:25 1. Richard Barker - Account Executive 2. Joao Barker - Account Executive 🚫 Session time: 13:25-14:25 1. Stephen Noad - Account Executive 2. Emily du Lart - Solutions Engineer 🤝 Networking &amp; Afternoon sessions: 14:25- 16:05 1. Jon Patterson - Account Executive 2. Richard Whitehurst - Solutions Engineer 3. Vanessa Senning - Account Executive 4. Scott Nelson Windels - Senior Operations Engineer


Good morning, my name is Ricardo, I am a Staff Database Reliability engineer at slack based in Dublin :flag-ie:. If you would like to discuss about DevOps and Slack within the datastores team, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a nice day!

Harriet Niland10:06:50

Hi everyone! 👋 I work on the Account Management team at Slack slack supporting medium sized customers in the UK :uk: If you'd like to discuss how our customers are using Slack to improve DevOps processes let me know 🙂

Richard Barker11:06:30

Hello 👋 I work with Slack’s large enterprise customers in the UK, here to help with with any questions on how to leverage Slack for DevOps simple_smile

Vanessa Senning14:06:41

Hello All 👋 Vanessa here from Slack slack. I work with enterprise customers here in EMEA. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about how to best leverage Slack!


Thanks @rwhitehurst and @jonpatterson for the demo


Thanks @rwhitehurst and @jonpatterson for the demo