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Jenny Lynam07:06:22

🌞 👋 🚀 Good morning everyone and welcome to day 1 of DevOps Enterprise Summit. We are so happy to be here! Welcome to Slack’s Slack channel, here’s all you need to know about whaat we are up to today • See our Virtual Booth 🏠 • You can connect with us here in channel slack or via (PW 057888) 🎥 between 11-4pm today. You who will be available to chat and when, below. • You can download our ebook and be in with a chance of winning some Slack socks!! 🧦Ask us questions! We would love to hear what you are working on and how Slack can help! • 🎙️ at 11.50 on Thursday 25th! V Brennan who leads our EMEA Engineering Team in Dublin will be delivering a session on How Engineering doe DevOps with Slack. See all details 🌅 Morning: 10:55-12:25 1. Ricardo Lorenzo: Staff Database Reliability Engineer 2. Rafael Elvira: Senior Software Engineer, Demand Engineering 🥗 Lunch: 12:25-13:25 1. Richard Whitehurst: Solutions Engineer 2. Katie Pope: Account Executive 🚫 Session time: 13:25-14:25 NA 🤝 Networking &amp; Afternoon sessions: 14:25- 16:05 1. Colm Doyle: Developer Relations Lead EMEA 2. Emily du Luart: Solutions Engineer

Jenny Lynam07:06:28

👋 Everyone, Jenny here from Slack slack I look after Marketing in the UK and will be online throughout the day supporting the team! Feel free to shoot me any marketing related questions or advice on Slack basics.


Good morning, my name is Ricardo from the Datastores team in Slack where I work as a Staff Database Reliability Engineer. I’m very excited to be here to listen and discuss about DevOps and Slack!

Rafael Elvira09:06:03

Good morning everyone! Rafa here from the Demand Engineering team at Slack. We look after ingress/egress load balancing, service discovery, etc. I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about DevOps in general and our approach here at Slack. Welcome 🙂

Aoife O'Brien10:06:19

👋 Hi Everyone, Aoife here from Slack (pronounced ee-fa) I work on our marketing team and am based out of our office in Dublin, Ireland :flag-ie: I will be online over the 3 days supporting our team. If you have any questions on slack basics, tips & tricks or anything related to marketing, I’m here to help! slack

Katie pope11:06:28

👋 Hey everyone! Katie here from Slack slack I’m on our accounts team, helping companies understand what Slack is and how we can help with company alignment and collaboration! Happy to answer any questions you might have!

Richard Whitehurst11:06:44

👋 Hi everyone! Richard from Slack here slack I work on our solutions engineering team in London :uk: working with our customers to understand how Slack can help drive a DevOps culture within their teams. Feel free to ask any questions you might have either here in channel or on our dedicated

Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)11:06:17

What is new in the land of Slack with onboarding automation?

Blake (Community at DZone; Gene Kim Fan Club Member 2,000,005)11:06:17

What is new in the land of Slack with onboarding automation?

Aoife O'Brien13:06:36

Want to see Workflow Builder in action? Workflow builder can be used in Slack to automate routine processes in Slack. Here are a few examples of processes you can automate with Workflow Builder:  • Schedule a daily standup to with new employees when they join certain channels.  • Help your team requests. Join @cdoyle today at 3pm who will be running a

Colm Doyle13:06:05

Hey All, my name is @cdoyle and I'm on the Developer Relations team at Slack slack here in EMEA. I'm based out of Dublin and work with our EMEA Developer community to help them build apps and integrations for our App Directory, or their own workspaces, that make their co-worker's lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. I'm also on the Slack Major Incident Response team, so happy to speak on how we do incident management here. Feel free to ask me any Slack questions you might have, but especially ones around building apps for your workspace.

Emily du Luart14:06:17

Hey all, my name is Emily, a slack solutions engineer here in London, working with our Enterprise customers to understand how Slack can help drive a DevOps culture across their teams. Please ask me any questions you might have about how you can leverage Slack for your teams!

Scott Nelson Windels15:06:14

👋:skin-tone-2: my name is Scott, I am a Senior Operations Engineer at slack in the Bay Area. I'm on the Reliability Foundations team, co-lead our Incident Response program at Slack and participate in our Major Incident Commander rotation. If you have questions about Incident Response, Postmortems (we call them Incident Reviews at Slack), Observability/Visibility or other DevOps topics feel free to reach out.