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Thomas Lux07:06:52

Hi and good morning

Kim Smith07:06:45

Morning everyone!

Maarten K07:06:34

Found it, thanks Amy 🙂

Jenn Staretorp08:06:29

Welcome to the slack channel! It looks like we have a number of visitors <!here> . Where is everyone from?

Jenn Staretorp08:06:34

Welcome @jtf! Where are you joining us from?

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations08:06:00

Good morning Jenn. Joining from London :uk:

Jenn Staretorp08:06:39

I think we are all wishing we were there today!

Andreas Prins VP Product Strategy Digital.ai08:06:50

based out of the Netherlands, so just one hour before

Jenn Staretorp08:06:15

Texas for me! So it's just a little bit early

Willo (

@jtf good to meet. How are finding navigating the show so far? (joining from Scotland!)

Jeffrey Fredrick, Author-Agile Conversations09:06:35

Lots and lots of jumping between channels. 🙂

Jenn Staretorp09:06:36

There are quite a few with all the different "birds of a feather" channels

Willo (

morning @pavel.lasta

Pavel Lasta09:06:41

Good morning, Willo

Jonathan Garzon09:06:14

Good morning everyone! Nice to see you on here 🙂

Willo (

Hey @jgarzon are you joining for the demo?

Kim Smith13:06:38

Just under ten minutes to go until our next demo on Zoom - Who is joining us this afternoon to find out more about how can help address your software creation and delivery challenges?  The team will be ready and waiting to answer any questions.

Kim Smith14:06:56

Who’s had the chance to take a look at our newly released Periodic Table for DevOps tools? What’s everyone thinking – anything in there that surprises you?

Kim Smith14:06:11

If you’ve not seen it yet then you can head to our booth to get your copy or have a read of this morning’s SC Magazine UK piece to find out more