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Ed Pearson (DevOpsGroup)10:06:04

Looking forward to another birds-of-a-feather session later.  Join us on for an open discussion on all things Project-to-Product or join us in the #bof-project-to-product channel to discuss how we are putting the customer back at the heart of IT.

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Rupert Whitley11:06:59

And for those of you interested in discussing the "new normal" come and join me on and head on over to the #bof-new-normal-post-pandemic to share your thoughts...

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Steve Thair (DevOpsGroup)11:06:07

If you are interested in #bof-next-gen-ops then jump over to our channel where a lively debate on "the future of ops" is taking place, and join the BoF session at What will the future hold?

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Simon sabin12:06:40

Trying to do DevOps with data, or have no idea where to start. Come and discuss options with other folks at the Devops and Data BoF. #bof-working-with-data join the zoom call at 14:25

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Erin Modzelewski, IT Revolution, Event Producer13:06:56

Join us for another birds-of-a-feather session.  Meet here on zoom for #bof-overcoming-old-wow or join us in the #bof-overcoming-old-wow channel to participate through chat.