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Jason Cox - Disney16:05:44

We had a good BoF gathering today on Architecture, Engineering and Operations. I offered up an ongoing discussion perhaps even outside the summit for those who are interested. Let me know if your are... there surfaced 3 architecture models that were intriguing: • Event Driven Architecture - you build something new/new product, you publish out to the groups, groups subscribe to that feed include legal, risk, arch, and they provide feedback and guidance out-of-band so as to not "stop gate" the innovation and work • Reverse Matrix - the little "a" architects on all the different teams/product groups gather on some cadence and provide review as a group (the architects representing their groups to this larger body of "elders") - still may be gated but at least it is represented • Agile Architecture - as part of the agile ceremony, you have the most senior level engineers/arch join and provide realtime feedback on arch decisions, is this a good direction for us as a group, and the changes happening in-line with the sprint, etc., in real time Would be good to continue the discussion on those and extend that on to Engineering and Operations.

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Jason Cox - Disney16:05:26

Including @gleb.andreev @ben.grinnell @michael.guiney @nickeggleston @kapoor.vaidik @andrew.henderson2 ... and anyone else

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Randy Shoup (Chief Architect eBay; he/him)21:05:00

I'm interested too :-)

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Nick Eggleston, IT Architect (open to offers)13:05:40

I love how @jason.cox deftly spots and summarizes the important points as the conversation flits about.

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Marco Delgado [Ocado Technology, Engineering Practice Lead]15:05:37

I’d be interested in joining future conversations on this too! 🤓

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Larry Davis15:05:33

I'd be interested in participating. 💯

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Jason Cox - Disney15:05:16

for those interested in continuing the conversation after DOES @marco.delgado @lwdavis @kapoor.vaidik - please send me your email address and I'll set up a meeting series

Jim Moverley20:05:14

ahhh shame I missed this!! Architecture has huge impact potentially on how you productise your organisation "reverse conway maneouver!"