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Aimee Leva- BMC09:05:27

Make sure to stop by the to enter to win a pair of Airpods and to learn how to Accelerate Mainframe Application Delivery with DevOps.

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Aimee Leva- BMC09:05:44

Accelerate Mainframe Application Delivery with DevOps • Achieve true mainframe agility with BMC Compuware ◦ Topaz Workbench’s modern IDE ◦ ISPW’s Source code Management, build and deploy capabilities and ◦ Topaz for Total Test’s easy-to-use automated testing • Measure your progress and make informed decisions with BMC Compuware zAdviser • Drive velocity, quality and efficiency of mainframe software development with BMC Compuware Visit the for a chance to win a pair of Airpods !

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Keep an eye out for a Wordle hint for!!!

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Mainframe-Inclusive DevOps -Visit the more information and a chance to win a pair of Airpods • BMC Compuware solutions advance your digital transformation by helping to break down the silos that can lead to bottlenecks and slow software delivery • BMC Compuware Topaz Workbench gives your developers a modern IDE, making mainframe development no different than any other platform. ◦ With an intuitive interface and integrations with industry-leading tools, Topaz Workbench provides a modern developer experience, helping attract new talent and flattening the learning curve. • Shift-left testing improves the quality, velocity, and efficiency of your software delivery even further. • Automated testing with BMC Compuware Topaz for Total Test enables virtualized and non-virtualized testing, ensuring code quality across your CI/CD pipeline. Visit to learn more about these innovative solutions.

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