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Ria Parwal09:05:00

Hi everyone!! We're super excited for the conference and have lots of great things planned 🙂 • Check out our virtual booth to learn more and enter our raffle for a $100 Amazon giftcard 💸 • Attend our happy hour with Gene Kim at 6:25pm BST - registration;RefId=2431!

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Florian Gysin (Adnovum, DevOps Evangelist, he/him)09:05:19

You guys have the best sticker. If this was a real life conference I’d get one and put it on my laptop. 🙂

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Jessica Cregg09:05:41

If you catch us at an IRL conference we’ll make sure to get you some! We’ll also be at Kubecon EU in Valencia in a couple of weeks

Giorgos Ampavis09:05:59

Hello LaunchDarkly team! 🙂

Kjetil Haddeland09:05:47

Hi! Is it possible to download the DevOps Enterprise Journal somewhere? 🙂

Jessica Cregg11:05:17

After lunch, I’ll be hosting the 🔷 Vendordome 🔷 alongside GitHub! Tune in at 1:50PM to join @abold and myself chatting with @martinwoodward on what goes into achieving peak productivity in production Use the link below to add the session to your agenda and be sure to get your questions in to #ask-the-speaker-track-4 when we kick off later this afternoon Link 👇

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Jessica Cregg14:05:38

Thanks for joining in our session earlier!

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Jessica Cregg15:05:21

Later on we’ll be having the one and only @genek for a Happy Hour discussing the day’s sessions along with where it all began, with the State of DevOps report! Register here and you could even receive a free cocktail kit ⬇️

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